Ignatian Leadership Development Program (ILDP)

Launched in 2022, the Ignatian Leadership Development Program (ILDP) enhances the University’s commitment to the formation of faculty and staff, in concert with the University’s Strategic Directions. Through a combination of workshops, retreats and leadership coaching, ILDP seeks to develop leaders to serve in truly transformational ways that further the mission of Boston College and strengthen its institutional culture.

For more information, contact Bernie O’Kane, Director, Employee Development.


Ignation Leadership Development Program

Goals and Objectives

By participating in the Ignatian Leadership Development Program, participants will develop:

  1. Greater Inspiration and Understanding
    • Motivation to align leadership practice with “the greater good”
    • Deeper understanding of BC’s Jesuit, Catholic heritage and leadership rooted in the Ignatian tradition
    • Deeper understanding of “self as leader: strengths, areas of development, values, biases and worldview
  2. Focus on Implementation
    • Ability to apply and adapt leadership best practices in a Jesuit, Catholic context
  3. Practice of Ongoing Reflection
    • Increased integration of reflection and discernment practices in their work
    • Ability to assess effectiveness of leadership behaviors and results

Structure and Content

The program consists of four modules presented in the following order:

  1. Journey with Self
  2. Journey with Others
  3. Focus on Results
  4. Organizational Leadership

The modules will be presented and viewed through three integrated lenses:

  1. Ignatian leadership – Leadership that is deeply rooted in the Spiritual Exercises, Jesuit history, and Ignatian values
  2. Inclusive leadership – Personal and organizational aspects of diversity, fair treatment, inclusion, and belonging for all members of the community
  3. Organizational leadership – Information regarding the theory and practical application of leadership with a focus on what is best for both individuals and a group as a whole

The components of the program include:

  • 12-month cohort-based program, beginning in January, comprising approximately sixteen members, meeting monthly for full-day workshops (excluding July, August and November)
  • Two retreat experiences: two-day overnight retreat for module 1 in February; four-day “reflective” retreat after module 3 in June
  • Twelve leadership coaching sessions, including self-assessments and multi-rater (360-degree) feedback session for each member and a development plan
  • Service Learning experience
  • Capstone event, to include a presentation of each participant’s learning experiences

Selection Process

Participants are selected through a nomination process, in alignment with ILDP selection criteria. In the fall, potential candidates are identified through dialogue between Human Resources and functional vice presidents, deans and other senior leaders. Every effort is made to ensure a heterogeneous cohort. Identified candidates are interviewed by a team of program administrators and program alumni. Final selections are made in early December, and participants are notified shortly thereafter. A commitment to attend all sessions is expected.

Note: Employees interested in applying to the program should discuss the application process with their supervisors.

ILDP Alumni

ILDP alumni become part of a “community of practice” serving both the current ILDP cohort and the larger community, through direct roles in program support such as selection, assessment and design and indirect roles spreading best practices of leadership at Boston College.

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