Meet Your Colleague

Employee Development serves the role of supporting departmental staff through a wide variety of professional development programs and activities. Employees who work at the University bring rich experiences and diverse backgrounds to the community. In order to ‘share this wealth,’ our office sponsors Meet Your Colleague, a program that offers opportunities for members of the University community to meet some of our more high-profile members of the faculty, administration and staff to gain a broader perspective of the University.

These informal lunchtime sessions provide insight into an individual’s responsibilities within the University community and also allow for the sharing of a personal ‘story’ to the degree one wishes. 

Meet Your Colleague is presented six times throughout the academic year. 

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Meet Your Colleague Events

Previous Sessions

Douglas Cameau
Director of University Health Services and Primary Care Sports Medicine
May 4, 2022

Shawna Cooper Gibson
Vice President
March 25, 2022

Jeff Hafley
Head Coach, Football 
February 24, 2022

Phil Landrigan
Director, Global Public Health Program and Globan Pollution Observatory
November 12, 2021