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News and Announcements

Sociology Department

Sociology of Development

The Sociology of Development journal, co-edited by Professor Andrew Jorgenson, is available online:
Vol 1, No 1-4
Vol 2, No 1

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Laure Diamond Brown

Sociology Ph.D. candidate Lauren Diamond-Brown was awarded the Dissertation fellowship.

More on graduate students

Steven Jefferson

Undergrad alumnus Steven Jefferson, currently in the Sociology doctoral program at Duke, received an award from the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program.

More on undergraduate students

Faculty Announcements

Juliet SchorProfessor Juliet Schor is featured in a new documentary being shown around the world on AL-Jazeera. The film is entitled The People vs America. Part 1 was released on Feb 10th, part 2 will be aired on the 17th.

Brian GareauSociology professor Brian Gareau gave a talk on "Cranberries and Climate Change: Massachusetts Cranberry Growers and the Challenges of Adaptation" at Yale University's MacMillan Center on February 10.

Andrew JorgensonAndrew Jorgenson recently gave a talk at Harvard entitled Development, Inequality, and Disproportionality: Human Drivers of GHG Emissions and the Carbon Intensity of Human Well-Being.  

Juliet SchorProf. Juliet Schor spoke on "Uber-fication: Digital Platforms and the Future of Work" at an interdisciplinary conference on the Future of Work in the Age of Automation.

Gustavo MorelloProf. Gustavo Morello, S.J., led a talk at Oxford University on Argentina’s ‘Dirty War’ between government forces and left-wing guerillas. Morello's book, The Catholic Church and Argentina's Dirty War, examines this conflict.

2016 ElectionMembers of the sociology department have participated in many of the on-campus events held in the wake of the recent presidential election. One of these events, the 2016 Election discussion, involved a question and answer session between faculty and students.   

Ritchie LowryRitchie Lowry, who established the sociology Ph.D. program at BC and taught here for 45 years, died in September after a long illness. His many contributions to the department and the discipline are summarized on BC's In Memoriam.

CTheory coverProfessor Stephen Pfohl's collage “Violet Valley Plaza” has been used as the cover art for a recent edition of the journal CTheory, which also features one of his essays.

Juliet SchorProfessor Juliet Schor was a guest on the Diane Rehm Show, on a segment entitled The Lure of Minimalism. (She enters the discussion at about the 13:30 mark.)

Shawn McGuffeyAssociate Professor Shawn McGuffey's article "Rape and Racial Appraisals: Culture, Intersectionality and Black Women’s Accounts of Sexual Assault" won two awards. It received the Kimberlé Crenshaw Outstanding Article Award from the Society for the Study of Social Problems, and is also the co-recipient of the Distinguished Article Award from the Race, Gender, and Class section of the American Sociological Association. 

Charles DerberIn a profile of his co-authored book, Bully Nation, Sociology Professor Charles Derber argues that Donald Trump is a product of a national, institutionalized bully culture.

Zine MagubaneAssociate Sociology Professor Zine Magubane spoke on the complex sources of racial tension in an interview with NECN. (Her comments begins at :50.)


Professor JorgensonThe Washington Post published a story on Andrew Jorgenson's recent study of disproportionality in fossil fuel-burning power plant emissions. Jorgenson was lead author of the study, published in Scientific Reports.

Shawn McGuffeySociology Professor Shawn McGuffey's article “Rape and Racial Appraisals: Culture, Intersectionality and Black Women’s Accounts of Sexual Assault” has received the 2016 Kimberlé Crenshaw Outstanding Article Award from the Society for the Study of Social Problems. The article was published in the Du Bois Review.

Brian GareauSociology professor Brian Gareau spoke to a large on-campus audience on the Sociology of Climate Change. The event was sponsored by Americans for Informed Democracy.

Sara MoormanAssociate Sociology Professor Sara Moorman is a 2016 winner of NIH's Matilda White Riley Early Stage Investigator award.

Professor MalecSociology Professor Michael Malec, who organized several service trips with faculty and students to Nicaragua, won the Community Service Award presented by the Office of Governmental and Community Affairs.

Juliet SchorProfessor Juliet Schor is a contributor to and was interviewed for the new film Minimalism: A Documentary About Important Things.

Shawn McGuffeySociology Professor McGuffey posted his reflections on the Orlando tragedy on Irreverin: They Want Us Dead: Hate and the Multiply-Marginalized Community.

Grad Student Announcements

Julia BatesPh.D. student Julia Bates discussed her dissertation research: "U.S. Empire and Educational Philanthropy in Africa: The Making of the Black American Colonial Subject, 1919-1922" as part of the AADS Works-in-Progress series.

Amanda FreemanPh.D. Sociology alumna Amanda Freeman’s article on access to childcare for low-income college students was published by The Atlantic.

Patricia LeavyPh.D. Sociology alumna Patricia Leavy is the youngest recipient of the Special Career Award given by the International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry. The award recognizes her entire body of work, and particularly honors her advancement of qualitative and arts-based research.

Undergraduate Announcements

Christopher YuSociology major Christopher Yu, a Gabelli Presidential Scholar, delivered a presentation at BC’s annual Advancing Research and Scholarship Day. His work focused on the environmental conditions of manufacturing workers in China.

Stephanie M. Schopf and Isabel Ramos HernándezStephanie M. Schopf received the Gamson Award for overall academic achievement, and Isabel Ramos Hernández received the Karp Award for the outstanding senior honors thesis.

Announcements for Academic Year 2016