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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Rosie's Place

Nature and Purpose

For the past thirty-seven years, Rosie's Place has provided emergency services and long-term assistance to poor women who do not have the financial resources to meet the everyday expenses of city life. We create an atmosphere of respect in which women can pursue self-identified goals and in which staff and volunteers can work effectively to help them access needed services. Rosie's Place has the distinction of being the first drop-in emergency sanctuary for women in the United States. We have progressed from simply providing shelter, to offering solutions - from the immediate needs of food, clothing and shelter - to the long-term needs of education, advocacy and permanent housing. While Rosie's Place continually works to provide expanded services to meet the changing needs of the community, its mission remains clear: To provide a safe and nurturing environment to help poor and homeless women maintain their dignity, seek opportunity, and find security in their lives.


PULSE students work in five different areas.  In the dining room they work as Friendly Visitors and they spend the majority of their time talking and creating connections with our guests.  They will help set up the dining room for a meal and help serve and clean-up the meal.  Our dining room serves 250 meals per day to women and children.  Students also work as Friendly Visitors and assist staff in our overnight program which provides short-term emergency housing to twenty women.  Students help check in and escort women who are shopping in our food pantry which distributes 1400 bags of groceries per month.