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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

The Italian Home for Children

Nature and Purpose 
The Italian Home for Children is a residential and day treatment program for children ages 4-13 who are experiencing severe emotional, social and learning difficulties. The Italian Home provides educational and therapeutic services through a multidisciplinary team approach. Through intensive academics, a structured behavior management system, support and counseling services, after school activities and groups; each child is provided with the opportunity to achieve his/her highest level of success. We seek to create a positive, caring community where everyone feels accepted, everyone feels safe and everyone learns.

PULSE students work in one of the six classrooms with 8-10 students in each. All classes have a Teacher, Assistant Teacher and Child Care Worker to provide a 4:1 student-to-staff ratio through the day. Each child's academic program is individually designed to accommodate individual needs. Groups and after-school activities are offered Monday through Thursday as part of our extended day program. PULSE students assist students with individual and small group class work, daily school activities, art, gym, computers, and after-school clubs.