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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

East Boston Neighborhood Health Center

Nature and Purpose
The East Boston Neighborhood Health Center is one of the largest community health centers in the country, providing services to the community for over 40 years. Serving an ethnically and culturally diverse community, EBNHC offers a complete range of services, from Pediatrics to Geriatrics. Service opportunities are available in the following areas:

Car Seat and Window Guard Programs - Provide interpreting for the Director of Public Safety. Assist with follow-up calls, installation and proper usage information for car seat and window guard programs.

Assist in a Clinical Area - Assist in Pediatrics, Specialties, Radiology, or Urgent Care. Provide assistance to the medical assistant by helping with patient flow, chart prep, room prep, temperatures and weight. Some hands-on with a chance for clinical observation. A good position for nursing students or a student who is contemplating medical school.

CATCH Program (Pediatrics) - Children's Access to Coordinated Healthcare is an innovative, community-based program, serving children with complex medical needs and their families. You will be matched with a family to provide support, socialization and recreational activities with a child and practical and emotional support to the caregiver (typically mom).

Mentor/Tutor (Pediatrics) - Developed to reach children who are isolated, at risk, having trouble acculturating, or having difficulty with schoolwork. Meet weekly with child(ren) to provide homework assistance and be a positive role model.

Lets Get Movin' (Pediatrics) - Program developed to address childhood obesity, Lets Get Movin' includes a wide variety of programs designed to get and keep children engaged in year round safe, fun, healthy activities. Assist in the after school programs co-leading a variety of non-traditional physical activities. This role will also have a mentoring component as PULSE students will be paired with 1-2 youths to work more closely with.

Elder Service Plan - an innovative, community-based alternative to Nursing Home care. Student role may include: visiting an elder one-on-one, running a small group activity in the Adult Day Health Center, providing companionship to and from medical appointments.
(Students may opt to divide time between two areas.)