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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

A Faith That Does Justice

Nature and Purpose

A Faith That Does Justice is a 501(c)(3) non-profit ecumenical program that offers opportunities to live faith in action by reaching out to those in need and raising the consciousness of others about the social issues that affect our city and country. We welcome people of all races, religions, cultures and sexual orientations who desire to learn from each other and overcome the social, political and economic barriers that separate us.

Our program has three components:

Workshops - explore faith lived in action on behalf of the unfinished work of the kingdom of God. Emphasis is placed on incarnating its core values of love, compassion for human suffering, and justice for all God’s people. These sessions are offered in English and Spanish and include a variety of themes.

Town Hall Meetings - focus on social issues that affect the most vulnerable among us. These meetings are open to all and include invited speakers, discussion groups, and an opportunity for those in need to seek advice or assistance from non-profit organizations in attendance. Others will have an opportunity to volunteer their time with these, or other, organizations. We use simultaneous translation so that all understand the presentation and are able to participate in the discussion that follows from it.

Faith in Action - will be driven by participants from A Faith That Does Justice and focus on the works of mercy. We hope to initiate this effort during the coming year and are currently exploring funding, several possibilities for action (i.e., ESL, clothing distribution, ministry to the detained/imprisoned, etc.), and a location site.


PULSE students can expect to be involved in all phases of this program and learn basic principles of community organizing as the organization mobilizes our diverse populations to participate in an experience of living faith in action.