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Entrance Exams

The MCAT is a test for which you should study. The best method for you depends on your learning style and work habits. If you generally are well organized, you can plan a study schedule on your own or with one or two friends. Stick to it; you may have no need for a commercial course. Your texts and notes from introductory science courses provide a good basis for review.

Historically, the BC Continuing Education Office has offered a discounted MCAT and/or DAT course. Announcements about the test prep course are made at the annual Application Meeting each September/October and are posted under BC Student/Alumni/ae under the Applicant link. Though not required, students have found that electives in Biochemistry, Statistics, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Genetics, Physiology, Psychology and Sociology have helped them prepare for the MCATs — as well as for the first year of medical school.

In addition, you may find the following resources very helpful in guiding your study and providing practice exams:

1. Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC)
The AAMC has a study guide: The Official Guide to MCAT Exam. It has also created a separate web site,,  featuring official MCAT practice tests that mirror the actual MCAT exam. The Association of American Medical Colleges has teamed up with free online education service Khan Academy and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to provide free online resources for students taking the revised MCAT, which debuts in 2015.These resources can be viewed at Khan Academy. Additonal AAMC Exam Preparation Resources:

2. Study Guides
Comprehensive study guides can be found in many bookstores (e.g. Barnes and Noble, Borders) as well as through the web (Amazon).  Various publishers put out MCAT preparation books.  Kaplan, Princeton Review, Scholarware, Arco, and Barrons are some of the more popular guides and they can be found in many good bookstores and on the web (e.g.  Many students use “ExamKrackers”, and they provide preparation for standardized exams through books, audio CD’s, DVD’s, internet forums, and live classes.  New resources are constantly being put out, so a “Google Search” titled “MCAT Preparation” may result in some additional options.

In terms of preparing for the exam, Amazon offers study guides including A Complete Guide for the DAT.  The Continuing Education Office at B.C. has, in the past, offered a discounted DAT Prep course. If offered, announcements concerning any DAT Test Prep courses are made at the annual October Application Meeting and are posted at BC Students/Alumni/ae. The Scholarware site has preparation material, but new resources are constantly being put out, so a “Google Search” titled “DAT Preparation” may result in some additional options.

There are several GRE Test Prep books you can purchase at Amazon. The Boston College Office of Continuing Education also offers GRE Test Prep Courses.