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Specific Guidelines


When a letter/email arrives stating an interview has been scheduled for you, answer it immediately. Try to arrange your schedule to accommodate the date of the interview. Get your airline reservation early. Know where you are going. Determine ahead of time where the airport or train station is located in relation to the school so that you can arrive on time.

Periodically, our office receives notices about airline discounts for students who are trying to arrange flights. If we receive any notices, they will be posted on the bulletin board outside the Premedical Office.

Please note: BC students have missed interviews because of delays due to fog (travel via airline) and traffic (travel via car), so please plan accordingly.

If your schedule allows, we suggest you arrive the day before your interview so that you can talk with students/visit the school before you are interviewed. This potentially gives you more to discuss during the interviewing process. Schools often have students who offer housing to interviewing applicants.

Preparation for the Interview

  • Dress and groom appropriately.
  • Arrive on time.
  • Read over the school catalogue and web site before the interview.
  • Bring with you a copy of your application and essay.