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Role of Assigned Advisors

boston college committee evaluation process

Your assigned Premedical/Predental Advisor (a member of the Premedical/Predental Committee) is a critical component in the Committee evaluation process. Your advisor performs three very important functions:


If you turned in your Forms on time (dates are listed in the Checklist Calendar, which is part of the BC Application Packet), you will be assigned an advisor in January/February. During Spring semester, you will discuss your various forms, priorities, and activities with your advisor. He/she can be especially helpful in assisting you with refining your Personal Statement, as well as your goals. You should therefore be ready to file your application quickly when summer arrives.

Committee Letters

After having met with you, your advisor will review the forms you have turned in, as well as your faculty and other letters. Hes/he will then construct an initial rough draft of a Committee Letter of evaluation. This will generally be done in late April/early May. He/she will also bring a draft of your letter to the Committee meeting. The letter will generally open with a brief statement of who you are and what programs you are in. It then discusses your academic performance (class rank, overall GPA, science GPA, course selections, etc.). The next section generally highlights your significant extracurricular and work activities. The Committee also discusses your motivation to work in Medicine/Dentistry by citing your health-related experiences, service work, and anything else we have learned from your forms. Then we include, unedited, your evaluations from faculty and other appropriate individuals.

Premedical/Predental Committee Meeting

The Premedical/Predental Committee usually meets in the Spring (May/June) and Fall (usually late September). Your assigned advisor will be asked to speak on your behalf when we get to your case. The entire Committee will have copies of your various forms (please type them clearly), but your advisor will be asked to highlight your most significant attributes. Hence, it is your responsibility to make sure your advisor gets to know you. Your academic performance is the most important factor in the evaluation, but the Committee evaluates all aspects of your "portfolio." Important aspects of your personal statement and additional letters are discussed. Again, it is to your advantage to get to know your assigned Premedical/Predental Advisor, as he/she will then be able to speak more effectively on your behalf.

To ensure consistency, the Chairman of the Premedical/Predental Committee reviews and edits all Committee Evaluation Letters. Final editing occurs during June, and letters from the Spring meeting are generally ready to be sent out in mid-July. The procedure for requesting a Committee Letter of Recommendation to be sent to a particular school is described in detail in the BC Application Packet and in the BC Checklist Calendar (under "July").

As a result of your summer experience, you may decide that another individual can write a very strong letter on your behalf. It is too late for this to be incorporated into your Committee Letter, but, in these cases, we suggest you request a letter from her/him. You should supply the individual with envelopes that are stamped and appropriately addressed (to the graduate schools) and have him/her send the letter directly to the appropriate schools.