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Participation in research is not a technical requirement for admission to health professions graduate schools, but it is highly valued- especially at the more research oriented MD programs.  Conducting research helps to develop critical thinking skills that can be very beneficial in your eventual career.  These skills can be developed by conducting science or humanities research, and both are valued by admissions committees.  Please note that participating in research is quite distinct from obtaining clinical experience.  Many applicants are accepted to health professions graduate programs (i.e. medical school) who have no research experience, but if you do not have exposure to the clinical aspects of health care (Health Care/ Service), you will find it very difficult to gain acceptance to health professions graduate school.

Specific Suggestions
If you are considering getting involved in undergraduate research, we suggest you consult the following web sites:

1.  B.C. Department Web Site(s)
Click on the Department(s) that you are considering as a potential major.  Read about faculty interests and research opportunities in those departments.

2.  B.C. Health Professions Web Site 
Under Resources,  scroll to Research

  Research (On Campus)
  Research (Off Campus)
  Summer Research Opportunities

-The Home page of this site lists a variety of opportunities for science, math, and humanities students.  Additionally, it lists fellowships for study abroad, summers, and B.C. “Advanced Study Grants”.

Combined Degree Programs (very useful for students considering MD/Ph.D programs.)

Check Web for Other Research Opportunities

There is a wealth of information on the web, including a site for international volunteer positions, and information about summer/research opportunities. For example, the homepage for the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD, has a listing of summer opportunities for high school, college, and graduate students. We encourage you to access their web page at Also check out HospitalLink, a growing online directory of hospitals (in the US), to aid in your research.