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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Planning Your Minor

medical humanities

The Medical Humanities minor requires an application and approval by the committee to enroll. Applications are read in March and October each year; the minor is not open to students beyond October of their junior year.

Minor courses should be selected in relation to your major and your interests. Try to take the required Introductory course, EN 2212, as early as possible in the minor, as it will introduce you to a range of disciplinary approaches (and to several BC faculty) that will help you to choose subsequent courses. Try to shape your electives around one of the following thematic clusters:

  • Global/Public Health
  • Values and Ethics
  • Mind and Body
  • Health Care Delivery
  • Medical narrative, writing, and representation

The Courses link will show you which courses will be offered in the minor in 2017-2018. If you have questions about courses that you’ve taken previously, please check with the Director; this list is not exhaustive.