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(November 13 - 17, 2017)


"Foundations for Change: Faculty Perspectives on Health & Education in Haiti & Colombia"

Tuesday, November 14, 2017  3PM-4:30PM  Devlin 221

Panelists include:  Prof. Régine Jean-Charles (African and African Diaspora Studies, Romance Languages and Literatures); Prof. Donna Cullinan (Connell School of Nursing); Prof. Martha Castaño (Romance Languages and Literatures), and Jorge Mahecha (Ph.D. candidate, Lynch School of Education).

Description: Framed by Prof. Régine Jean-Charles’s offering of a historical perspective on humanitarian efforts in Haiti, this presentation will highlight panelists’ initiatives as founders and/or directors of the following change-making programs  & organizations in Haiti and Colombia: (1) The Connell School of Nursing’s international program of community health mission trips to Leogane, Haiti (Prof. Donna Cullinan); (2) The Sunantha Camila Foundation established by Prof. Martha Castaño with the mission of feeding and educating pre-school children of high risk in her native Colombia; (3) Enseña por Colombia (“Teach for Colombia”), an award-winning teacher training program, and SieNi, a small non-profit organization tasked with educating Colombian children about water conservation and enabling them to become agents of social change in their local communities (Jorge Mahecha, Ph.D. candidate).

Sponsored by the BC Language Laboratory, African and African Diaspora Studies Program, Center for Teaching Excellence, Connell School of Nursing, Lynch School of Education, and the Romance Languages and Literatures Department.


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