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College of Arts and Sciences

Policies and Procedures

for faculty



  • Before formally assigning an audio program (other than a textbook audio lesson), CD, videocassette, DVD, etc. from the Language Lab’s collection, check its availability at least one week in advance.
  • The Language Lab staff will then put the desired material on reserve for the duration of the assignment.
  • Please inform the Language Lab Director (617-552-8473 or of the special assignment before announcing it to students.
  • [Note: Copyright restrictions do not permit the Language Lab staff to copy and retain as part of the lab’s permanent collection faculty-owned material (i.e. audiocassettes, CDs, record albums, computer software, videocassettes, DVDs, print material)].


Class Sessions in the Lab

Instructor-monitored classes in the lab are possible, on a limited basis.

  • Use of the Console and Audio Stations

At the Tandberg Prisma installation (teacher console plus 20 interfaced student positions), the instructor may conduct oral exams, discretely monitor and converse with students, activate random pairing or group conferencing among students, simultaneously distribute to student groups 3 different audio sources (2 in audiocassette format, 1 in CD audio), as well as the audio track of VHS video projected from a monitor at the front of the lab.

  • Use of the Computer Workstations

The Lab’s computer area (23 Macs, 6 PCs) may be reserved for class sessions, per advance arrangement with the Language Lab Director.

  • Scheduling

Before instructing students to meet in the lab as a class, please notify the Language Lab Director at least 3 days in advance of the desired session, so that the needed materials and space may be made ready.

[Note: Language Lab Assistants are not permitted to make reservations of lab space.]


Use of Language Lab Materials/Equipment

Instructors may use the Lab’s audio-visual materials in the classroom:






Cuisenaire Rods






Overhead Transparencies


Slide Sets



Portable Equipment:

Cassette Recorders

CD/Radio/Cassette Players

Overhead Projector

Slide Projector

Mac and PC Laptops

Mac Display Adapters

Voice Recorders (Digital)

Mini Camcorders (Digital)



Language faculty may reserve materials/equipment by phone, in person or via an online reservation form.

  • By phone (x2-8474 or x2-8473) or in person (Lyons 313) — Please reserve materials/equipment at least 24 hours in advance during the standard business hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.
  • Online — Please submit the online reservation form at least 2 working days prior to the date of intended use of the materials/equipment.
  • Pick up reserved items in the Language Laboratory, Lyons 313, just prior (10–30 minutes) to the class sessions in which they are to be used.
  • Kindly return borrowed items on the same day immediately following the last of these class sessions.
  • For other borrowing arrangements, please contact the Language Laboratory Director for pre-approval.


Other Classroom Equipment

  • Arrange with Classroom Support Services (x2-4219) of BC’s Media Technology Services to borrow portable computer equipment, LCD projectors, DVD players, 16mm film projectors, overhead projectors, VCRs, and monitors.
  • Call MTS’s Video Services division (x2-4932) to borrow video camcorders.