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Spanish Web Links

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Anki “Friendly, intelligent flash cards. Remembering things just became much easier.”
Downloadable flash card program capable of effortlessly handling 100,000+ cards, along with multi-device synchronization, ability to embed images, audio & video, and several available add-ons.
Apoyo-Primaria Activities, suggestions, and other resources for teaching Spanish; also aims to guide you with the pedagogical use of blogs and social networks like Facebook and Google+
BBC Languages Language-learning resource from the British Broadcasting Company with lessons, videos, and media links in various languages. Good for beginners.
“Learn a language for free. Forever.”
This amazingly user-friendly, ever-growing site gives lessons and then quizzes you on the topic, tracking your progress, awarding you along the way, and offering a daily practice reminder. Includes Spanish-learning programs for speakers of English, Portuguese, and French. Corresponding app available at the Apple iTunes App Store.
Forvo: Spanish words pronounced Extensive database of audio clips for pronouncing words in various languages, Spanish included.
Instituto Cervantes Site created and maintained since 1997 by the Cervantes Institute of Spain to contribute to the growth of the Spanish language and of Hispanic cultures. This site offers free lessons, links to good Spanish news sources, and even notices about Spanish classes in the area.
Memrise User-friendly interface with communally-created programs. Particularly useful for learning vocabulary. Also available is a corresponding mobile app on iPhone and Android. This site offers entertaining Spanish TV programs other than news. Note: you may have to pay for some of the programs.
Notes in Spanish “Learn To Speak The Real Spanish You’ll Never Find in a Textbook or Classroom!!”
Free authentic Spanish audio and video on various topics,with the ability to choose your desired level of Spanish. Listen at the website or download their podcasts.
Radio Lingua Podcasts “Learn a language on your coffee break! Start from scratch or build your existing knowledge with our Coffee Break courses and master the language where and when it suits you!”
Spanish audio lessons available from beginner to intermediate-advanced.
Real Academia Española One of the most comprehensive Spanish dictionaries from Real Academia Española. Spanish news site with access to news articles, videos, podcasts, TV shows, and radio programs.
SpanishDict “The World Leader in Spanish Translation and Conjugation”
Spanish–English/English–Spanish dictionary and conjugation resource, also offering contextual usages.
Spanish Wikipedia Next time you are using the Wikipedia resource, try looking up the article in Spanish! One of the most used resources, this website contains many free Spanish tutorials and programs in beginner, intermediate, and advanced Spanish. Also offered are quizzes by topic. There is a paid version, but the free version suffices.
SCOLA Web Services

Access to 160 countries & 200 languages!

  • World TV Online: 24/7 international broadcast programs on 8 channels, spanning European, Spanish & Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese, Asian, African, Middle East, Southeast Asia-Far East, and Eurasian countries/languages
  • International Radio in 29 languages
  • On The Street Videos: over 7,000 videos from 90 countries showing informal native speech in everyday situations
  • People & Places: over 29,000 photos from around the world 
  • Foreign Text: 200 recurring newspaper and magazine publications in 70 languages
  • Insta-Class: materials in 52 languages with quizzes and vocabulary already provided
  • Video Editor create your own video clips in the classroom

To access SCOLA Web Services from any computer on the BC network, go to:

See SCOLA’s Technical Information page to make full use of these Online resources. For more information, including how to access SCOLA Web Services on your iPhone or iPad, contact:

Cynthia Bravo (
Director of the Language Lab


Learning through authentic media:

  • Television
  • Music videos
  • Drama
  • Interviews
  • Travel
  • Yabla exclusive shoots

Yabla media player features:

  • Slow Play
  • Integrated Dictionaries
  • Listening Game
  • Dual Language Subtitles
  • And more…

Languages offered:

Access BC’s Subscription to all 6 of these Yabla sites at any Language Lab computer workstation.