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Spanish Supplementary Language Study Recordings

language laboratory catalog

16 Anécdotas modernas
SP 1.005
Short anecdotes in dialogue form accompanied by listening comprehension tests; text available.
Each anecdote: 2–3 minutes
Total time: 40 minutes 21 seconds

Cantos, ritmos, y rimas
SP 1.050
Program of chants, rhythms and rhymes designed to help students learn vocabulary, grammar, syntax, and the basic flow of the language; includes four types of chants, rhythms, and rhymes: thematic, grammatical, general, and traditional; two recordings: (1) one by native speakers who chant/recite accompanied by rhythms provided by congas, bongos, claves, maracas, castanets, and other Latin instruments, (2) one of the rhythms alone, without voices, to be used for original chants; accompanying book contains scripts of all chants and various related exercises.
35 minutes

Cinco cuentos
SP 1.008
Five short listening comprehension narratives.
Total time: 43 minutes 26 seconds


Los tres cerditos
El gato con botas
Ali Baba y los 40 ladrones
El flautista de Hamelin
Hansel y Gretel

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Classic Commercials in Spanish
SP 1.067
Audio CD © 2002 Vistanet featuring 45 commercials for everyday goods and services such as movies, clothing stores, food products, airlines, and others; accompanying 19-page booklet contains script of each commercial as well as teaching suggestions.
34 minutes

Comerciales galore
SP 1.016
Authentic television and radio commercials in Spanish of famous American products and companies: Colgate, Kellogg’s, Burger King, Pepsi-Cola, McDonald’s, Kinney’s Shoes, Pepto-Bismol, Sopas Lipton, Polaroid, Pampers, Western Union, and others (70 commercials in all); script and teacher’s guide available.
Total time: 50 minutes 11 seconds

El concierto siniestro
SP 1.020
Intermediate level; mystery story told across 12 episodes; average episode runs 8–10 minutes; accompanying book contains text of episodes, comprehension questions, and vocabulary; workbook and teacher’s guide containing vocabulary and grammar review activities also available.
Total time: 1 hour 43 minutes

Imágenes de América Latina
SP 1.041
A series of audiocassettes © 1989 about Latin America that includes news stories, detailed information about situations in Latin American countries, interviews with writers and musicians, cultural notes, folklore, etc.; includes tapescript.
Each audiocassette: 30 minutes

Introduction to Latin America
SP 1.015
© 1980 cassette of entrevistas and text
68 minutes

Kiddle Review Drills
SP 1.007

El novio robado
SP 1.021
Intermediate level; mystery story told across 12 episodes; average episode runs 5–10 minutes; accompanying book contains text of episodes, comprehension questions, and vocabulary; workbook and teacher’s guide containing vocabulary and grammar review activities also available.
Total time: 1 hour 41 minutes

Panorama de España
SP 1.027
Broadcasts of Radio Nacional received monthly (11/82–1/89); excellent presentation of events in Spain and throughout the world; includes exposé of a specific cultural topic each month — some with color slides; recommended for use by high-intermediate to advanced students; script available.
Each broadcast: approx. 60 minutes

Puerta del sol
SP 1.059
1998–2002 issues of bimonthly “audiomagazine” designed for use by high-intermediate to advanced students of Spanish; cassettes include news; feature stories; interviews; music; segments on books, movies, art, and special events happening in the Spanish-speaking world; full tapescript; all song lyrics; Spanish–English glossary; cultural notes; and study supplement containing pre- and post-listening exercises (with answer key) available for each cassette.
Each cassette: 60 minutes

Real World Program
SP 1.013
Authentic radio and TV commercials © 1976 in Spanish; script available.
55 minutes 3 seconds

Resumen del humor latino-americano
SP 1.003
Short selections; text available.
Each selection: 4–5 minutes
Total time: 35 minutes 38 seconds


La filosofía

La policía

La psiquiatría

Los empleados

Los médicos

Cosas de la educación

El matrimonio


Sing, Dance, Laugh and Eat Tacos I & III
SP 1.057
Two 60-minute audiocassettes with accompanying tapescripts and English translations of songs; program created especially for children, but may prove useful for language learners of all ages; tape I is intended for beginning-level students and features songs related to the learning of vocabulary items (colors, animals, body parts, food, numbers, etc.) among other first-year items; tape III is designed for use by intermediate-level students and features songs that deal with more complicated grammar topics, among them the subjunctive (“UWEIRDO Rap”), direct/indirect object pronoun placement (“La Rana Raúl”), para/por (“El Bikini”).
Total time: 2 hours

Spanish for Business
SP 1.029 — Beginning
SP 1.033 — Intermediate
Two series of recorded dialogues and comprehension exercises; each accompanied by text and teacher’s guide; designed for elementary and intermediate students who wish to learn and use business Spanish; treats business and grammatical topics within Hispanic business settings.
Each series of three cassettes: approx. 2 hours 20 minutes

Spanish Pronunciation
SP 1.011
Provides beginning students with concise method for development of good auditory and oral competence in Spanish pronunciation; spoken by native Mexicans; text available.
47 minutes

Tal como es
SP 1.018
Series of 30 interviews and listening comprehension tests for intermediate and advanced students; book contains texts of interviews, notes on grammar, culture, idioms, etc.; teacher’s guide contains suggestions, activities, crossword puzzles, and answer key for listening comprehension tests.
Average interview: 11–12 minutes
Total time: 3 hours 52 minutes

Testing and Teaching for Oral Proficiency
MISC 1.004.007/.008
Kit designed for the teacher of English as a second language, French, German, or Spanish who is interested in oral proficiency testing and in some of the ways the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines can be applied to the teaching of oral skills (one kit/language); components of each kit include a book and set of two audiocassettes; each tape set contains four recorded actual interviews representing the four levels of the rating scale — novice, intermediate, advanced, and superior; book includes overview of interviews, description of rating scale, explanation of how interviews are conducted and the types of questions commonly used at each level, an application section with simple oral activities and guidelines for writing role plays at each level, commentaries for the interviews with detailed analysis of the students’ speech samples, and the interviewers’ techniques.

Trabajo y vida
SP 1.022
For reading and listening comprehension; focuses on the subject of careers, via a portrait of Latin Americans, their career choices and attitudes toward work; fields covered are health, sports, religion, fishing, journalism, firefighting, homemaking, the law, counseling, education, and folkloric arts; each lesson features an interview recorded in Chile; accompanying book © 1983 includes introductory exercises; readings; and a variety of analytic, vocabulary, comprehension, and discussion activities.
25 minutes 50 seconds

Vamos a ver
SP 1.019
Mystery thriller in 20 episodes with listening comprehension tests; for beginning- intermediate students; book contains texts, exercises, grammar explanations, glossary of words and phrases; teacher’s guide contains answer key to listening comprehension exercises.
Average episode: 8 minutes
Total time: 1 hour 35 minutes

La vida de Rita y Antonio
SP 1.004
Colloquial Spanish as spoken in daily life, as used on radio and TV in Latin America (circa 1960s); text available.
Each scenario: 2–8 minutes
Total time: 40 minutes 27 seconds

SP 1.034
For beginning students; 25 episodes of mystery and romance; recounts the adventures of a young mechanic who leaves his small village to seek fortune in Segovia and Madrid; each episode concentrates on key vocabulary important to travelers in Spain and Latin America; tape program contains dramatized version of individual episodes and three different types of exercises — oral (paused for student response), consolidation (short situations to test understanding of vocabulary), and comprehension check-up; text and teacher’s guide available.
Total time: 4 hours 45 minutes