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Spanish DVD-ROM Programs

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Advanced Spanish — Querido Maestro
Dual-platform DVD-ROM designed for advanced learners of Spanish (note: Castilian accent and vocabulary used); central component of this interactive language learning program: 60-minute episode of a Spanish television series entitled Querido Maestro; video may be viewed full-screen or with Spanish subtitles, script in Spanish, or English translation of script; individual scenes may be isolated for more detailed study; other features include: glossary (diccionario), word search (búsqueda de palabras), record mechanism (grábate a tí mismo) which allows user to record a specific character's lines within a scene, then playback the scene with the user's voice being heard in the role of that character, various actividades for the practice and testing of vocabulary usage, spelling and listening comprehension; concurso feature allows the user to participate in a simulated TV game show (against the computer character Manuel) to test knowledge of the TV episode as well as of the language (particularly vocabulary) learned.