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Spanish Books

language laboratory catalog

501 Spanish Verbs
Hauppauge, NY: Barron’s Educational Series, Inc. © 1990

The American Heritage Spanish Dictionary Spanish–English/English–Spanish
Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co. © 1986

Appleton’s New Cuyas Dictionary Spanish–English/English–Spanish
Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall © 1972

Aproximaciones: al estudio de la literatura hispánica 6th & 7th Editions
Edward H. Friedman, L. Teresa Valdivieso, & Carmelo Virgillo
Boston, MA: McGraw Hill Publishing © 2008

Breaking out of Beginning Spanish
Joseph J. Keenan
Austin, TX: The University of Texas Press © 1994
ISBN: 0-292-74322-X

Cartelera: Spanish Language and Culture through Film
Elena González Ros and Scott Gravina
Alucen Learning © 2012

Catalan Dictionary English–Catalan/Catalan–English
London: Routledge © 1993 by Bibliograf, S.A.
*Dislcaimer: Catalan is not Spanish, but is spoken in northeastern Spain and parts of France & Italy.

Catalònia No. 39, October 1994
Centre UNESCO de Catalunya (Barcelona)
Culture magazine; in English with reprint of original articles in Catalán

Cinema for Spanish Conversation 2nd Edition
Mary McVey Gill, Deana Smalley, María-Paz Haro
Focus Publishing / R. Pullins Company © 2006 Mary McVey Gill, Deana Smalley, María-Paz Haro

Cuthbertson’s Verb Wheel
Lexington, MA: D.C. Heath © 1933
Gives conjugations of irregular verbs

Diccionario comercial Inglés–Español/Español–Inglés
Barcelona: Editorial Juventud © ?

Diccionario de dudas y dificultades de la lengua española 9a edición
Madrid: Espasa Calpe © 1986

Diccionario panhispánico de dudas
Bogotá, Colombia: Distribuidora y Editora Aguilar, Altea, Taurus, Alfaguara, S.A. © 2005

Diccionario de uso del español 2nd Edition, 2 volumes
Edited by María Moliner
Madrid: Editorial Gredos © 1998

Directorio latino 2nd Edition, March 2004
Metro Boston
Northboro, MA: Spanish Marketing © 2004
2004 Spanish Community Guide and Yellow Pages for the Boston, MA area; 248 pages.

En parejas
Lucía Caycedo Garner, Debbie Rusch, & Marcela Domínguez
Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co. © 1991
A four-book series of communicative activities; designed to supplement introductory and intermediate college-level Spanish courses, each book contains 25 information gap activities intended to be used by students working in pairs; each book, formatted in two sections designated as “student a” and “student b” (the latter printed upside down); for each activity, information available to “student a” differs from that accessed by “student b,” thus creating the information gap to be bridged.

English Grammar for Students of Spanish 7th Edition
Emily Spinelli
Ann Arbor, MI: The Olivia and Hill Press © 2012, Jacquelin Morton

Esbozo de una nueva gramática de la lengua española
Real Academia Española (Comisión de Gramática)
Madrid: Editorial Espasa Calpe, S.A. © 1973

España ’93 No. 238, Diciembre
Revista de la Oficina de Información Diplomática

¡Español con impacto!: Total Physical Response Spanish
Contee Seely
Berkeley, CA: Command Performance Language Institute © 1985
Student text of 35 Spanish-language lessons to be learned using the Total Physical Response methodology; 50 pages.

Eyewitness Travel Guide: Spain
DK Publishing, Inc. © 1996, 1997

A Gesture Inventory for the Teaching of Spanish
Jerald R. Green
Philadelphia: Chilton Company © 1968
Presentation of illustrated and documented data on peninsular Spanish gesture, with the focus on gestures which normally accompany verbal communication; gestures that function as a substitute or replacement for linguistic behavior are not studied; 114 pages.

Gramática para la composición segunda edición
M. Stanley Whitley & Luis González
Washington, DC: Georgetown University Press © 2007

A Guidebook for Teaching Foreign Language: Spanish, French, German
Beverly S. Wattenmaker & Virginia Wilson
Boston: Allyn and Bacon © 1980
A guidebook for teaching communication in any language with language-specific lesson models in Spanish, French and German; each chapter outlines behavior objectives with corresponding grammar objectives and includes teaching and communication exercises designed to achieve these objectives; 298 pages.

Ideas: Estrategias, lecturas, actividades y composiciones
James F. Lee, Alex Binkowski, & Bill VanPatten
New York: McGraw-Hill, Inc. © 1994
190-page book of journalistic and literary readings with corresponding exercises and activities designed to stimulate oral discussion and/or written response by second or third-year students of Spanish.

Ladrón de la mente
Elías Miguel Muñoz
McGraw-Hill, Inc. © 1995

Latin American Spanish: Lonely Planet Phrasebook 5th Edition
Roberto Esposto
Australia: Lonely Planet Publications © 2008
ISBN: 978-1-74059-712-8

Lecturas literarias: Moving Toward Linguistic and Cultural Fluency Through Literature
Anne Lambright, Sharon W. Foerster, Ramonita Marcano-Ogando
The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. © 2007

Manual de gramática: Grammar Reference for Students of Spanish, Instructor’s Edition 5th Edition
Zulma Iguina & Eleanor Dozier
Boston, MA: Heinle Cengage Learning © 2013

New York: Univision Publications © 1992, 1993
Back issues of bimonthly Spanish-language magazine similar in format to People and Seventeen magazines; regular features include: gente, moda, belleza, sabor, en familia, salud, automóviles, deportes, música, cultura, medios, caliente, en el cielo (horoscope).

The Massachusetts Hispanic Yellow Pages 1994–1995
Sus Páginas Amarillos
© Spanish Publishing Services
682-page telephone directory (yellow pages) in Spanish with listings and advertisements of special interest to Spanish speakers or students of Spanish.

Mexico’s Copper Canyon
Richard D. Fisher with Luis G. Verplancken, SJ & Kit Williams
Tucson, AZ: Sunracer Publications © 1997
108-page photographic study of the Copper Canyon area of Chihuahua, Mexico, its history, its topography, its people; includes essays on the Tarahumara Indians, religious customs, major towns and villages of Chihuahua, travel tips, etc.; mix of texts in English and Spanish.

Natural Language Learning
Harris Winitz, James Reeds and Paul García
Kansas City, MO: General Linguistics Corporation © 1975
Spanish language learning program that teaches understanding of language by focusing exclusively on listening comprehension; includes 4 volumes of images, each with accompanying audiocassette in Spanish; student is to listen to audiocassette and relate what he/she hears to what he/she sees by marking the appropriate image; Spanish-language script also available.
Total time: approx. 3 hours 42 minutes

A New Reference Grammar of Modern Spanish 4th Edition
John Butt & Carmen Benjamin
McGraw-Hill © 1988, 1994, 2000, 2004 John Butt & Carmen Benjamin

Nueva Gramática de la Lengua Española Volumes I & II
Real Academia Española © 2009
Asociación de Academia de la Lengua Española © 2009
Espasa Libros, S.L. U. © 2009

Oxford — Duden Pictorial Spanish and English Dictionary 2nd edition
Oxford: Clarendon Press © 1995

Pequeño Larousse ilustrado: Español/Español
Paris: Librairie Larousse © 1964

Pequeño Larousse ilustrado: Español/Español
Marsella, México: Ediciones Larousse © 1985

El Pequeño Larousse ilustrado: Diccionario enciclopédia 14a edición
Tomás García & Eladio Pascual
Ediciones Larousse, S.A. de C.V. © 2008

A Picture is Worth... 1000 Words... Books 1 & 2
Anthony Mollica
Welland, Ontario: éditions Soleil publishing, inc. © 1992
Subtitled Creative activities for the language classroom, the two volumes of 60 photographs each are intended to provide visual stimuli for discussion and conversation activity in the language classroom; also available: Teacher’s Guide (by Anthony Mollica, Julie Ashcroft, and Anne-Marie Finger) containing questions for each photograph.

Un poco de historia: The Heath Spanish History Booklet
María Juana Cazabón
Lexington, MA: D.C. Heath © 1989
A 58 page easy-to-access reference guide providing cultural and historical information on Spain and Spanish America; topics include: (1) highlights of Iberian history, politics, literature and monuments; (2) vignettes on Spanish explorers and historical figures; (3) background and terminology for sports and traditions; in English.

A Practical Guide to the Teaching of Spanish
Wilga Rivers, Milton Azevedo, William Heflin, & Ruth Hyman-Opler
New York: Oxford University Press © 1976
One in a series of practical guides for teaching foreign languages in high school or at the undergraduate level; includes theoretical discussions of and practical applications for oral communication, pronunciation, grammar instruction, listening and reading comprehension, and writing; 352 pages.

Punto y aparte: Grammar Supplement 3rd Edition
Sharon Foerster, Anne Lambright
Boston, MA: McGraw Hill © 2010

Repase y escriba: Curso avanzado de gramática y composición 6th Edition
María Canteli Dominicis & John J. Reynolds
Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley and Sons © 2011
SP 1.089

REVISTA: Conversación sin barreras, Instructor’s Edition 4th Edition
José A. Blanco
Boston, MA: Vista Higher Learning, Inc. © 2014
SP 1.096

Sabor Magazine
Volume IV, Spring 1998: Edited by Danielle Birriel, Karen Montenegro, & Edith Maya
Volume V, 1999: Edited by Karen Montenegro
Volume IX, 2004: Alicia Heredia, editor-in-chief
Publication of the Boston College Latino student community in association with the Organization of Latin American Affairs; designed to showcase and promote Latino culture through original works of art, poetry and prose; features student writings (in Spanish and English), photography and art work.

Simon and Schuster’s International Dictionary English–Spanish/Spanish–English
New York: Simon and Schuster © ?

Spain: Boletín Cultural No. 239, June 2003
Dirección General de la Oficina de Información Diplomática
Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores — Embassy of Spain Cultural Office
Compilation of reprints of Spanish newspaper articles on the following topics: Letras, Historias, Generales, Artes, Música, Cine y Teatro, Libros; 72 pages.

Spain: Boletín Cultural No. 240, July–August 2003
Dirección General de la Oficina de Información Diplomática
Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores — Embassy of Spain Cultural Office
Compilation of reprints of Spanish newspaper articles on t he following topics: Letras, Historias, Generales, Artes, Música, Cine y Teatro, Libros; 96 pages.

Spanish Grammar through Actions
Eric J. Schessler
Los Gatos, CA: Sky Oaks Productions © 1985
Book of Total Physical Response exercises designed to teach grammatical structures to beginning and intermediate-level language students; 95 pages.

Spanish Teacher’s Book of Instant Word Games
Josephine Carreño
West Nyack, NY: The Center for Applied Research in Education © 1996
Over 160 ready-made activites, puzzles and worksheets for beginning-level Spanish clsses.

Taller de escritores: Grammar and Composition for Advanced Spanish
Guillermo Bleichmar & Paula Cañón
Boston, MA: Vista Higher Learning, Inc. © 2012
SP 1.095

USO de la gramática española – avanzado
Francisca Castro
© Edelsa Grupo Didascalia, S.A.
© Francisca Castro Viudez
2011, 2012, 2013
SP 1.100

Viajes Fantásticos
Elías Miguel Muñoz
NY: McGraw-Hill, Inc. © 1994
Two novelas from McGraw-Hill’s Storyteller’s Series; provides students of beginning Spanish with comprehensible material to be used as leisure or pleasure reading; in Mi querida cuñada, Vicente, the protagonist, gets a glimpse of his future life during a mysterious trip in Puerto Rico from San Juan to Quebradillas, his hometown; in El último sol, Daniel Flores, a young Mexican student, is transported back through the centuries to the time of the Dicovery and faced with confronting Hernán Cortés and changing the course of history; 2 copies available.

Word by Word: English/Spanish Picture Dictionary — Diccionario ilustrado de inglés
Steven J. Molinsky, Bill Bliss, & Herlinda Charpentier Saitz
Upper Saddle River, NJ; Prentice Hall Regents © 1995