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Portuguese CD-ROM Programs

language laboratory catalog

51 Languages of the World
Dual-platform CD-ROM featuring 51 languages from all over the world; allows the user to speak with native speakers; interactive dialogues and conversation practice aid the user in learning and understanding more advanced speech, while games and quizzes make learning the language fun and interactive.

Brazilian Portuguese in Action V2
Compatibility: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP | Mac OS 8.6 or higher
Linguaphone. 5,000 vocabulary words, full motion video, pronunciation analysis, and interactive language games.

Learn Portuguese Now! Version 8
Compatibility: Windows 95/98/NT | Mac 7.1 or higher
Part of Transparent Language, Inc.’s Language Now! learning series; designed to assist beginning language students in acquiring knowledge of the sound system, vocabulary, grammar and syntax of Brazilian Portuguese as well as of Brazilian culture; the “transparent language” version of the 4 texts included (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil & the Samba, The Most Common Words in Portuguese, and Survival Phrases for Brazilian Portuguese) provides hideable Help windows that supply text-related information when the user highlights a segment of text; some texts video-enhanced; windows available: (1) Word Meaning provides the literal meaning of every word in the Content File; (2) PhraseMeaning gives the meaning of a phrase as a whole (i.e., idiomatic sense); (3) Segment Meaning offers an interpretive translation of the highlighted text; (4) Root Word and Grammar windows provide verb and other grammatical information; (5) Notes features learning tips dealing with grammar, vocabulary, cultural information, and pronunciation; Listen and Speak, Sound Palette, and Word Dictation activities allow the user to practice listening and pronunciation skills; includes five games: Vocabulous!, Unscramble, Segment Unscramble, Plug-n-Play, and Crosswords, each designed to help the user test vocabulary, spelling, syntax and/or comprehension skills.

The Rosetta Stone: Portuguese I and II
A sequenced, step-by-step language learning program emphasizing listening and reading comprehension, speaking and writing in Portuguese; each lesson choice includes a preview of the activities, exercises and a test; “tutorial” choice available for some lessons; includes images and sound as well as recording option; Português I (one CD): Units 1–8 intended for beginning-level language students; Português II (2 CDs): Units 9–19 for more advanced students; 2 copies of illustrated User’s Guide and Handbook for Teachers available.

World Talk Portuguese
Compatibility: Windows 3.1/95/98 | Mac System 7 or higher
Designed for intermediate-level learners; 10 games based on 9 different everyday topics to encourage the user to go beyond basic vocabulary and phrases and build sentences, ask directions, use numbers, etc.; includes dictation, true–false, yes–no, and visual/auditory cue activities; real-life speaking practice possible via “recording studio” option; interactive TV Quiz allows user to review vocabulary and other language items by competing with World Talk’s resident virtual player or another real-life player; printable worksheets.