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Portuguese Books

language laboratory catalog

Essential Portuguese Grammar
Alexander Da R. Prista
NY: Dover Publication, Inc. © 1966

Gramatica Activa 1
Olba Mata Coimbra & Isabel Coimbra
Lidel: Edicoes Tecnicas, Lda. © 2000

Guia Prático Dos Verbos Portugueses 6th Edition
Deolinda Monteiro & Beatriz Pessoa
Lidel – Ediões Tècnicas © 2002

Guia Prático De Verbos Com Preposições 2nd Edition
Helena Ventura & Manuela Caseiro
Lidel – Ediões Tècnicas © 2004

Collins Portuguese Concise Dictionary 2nd Edition
NY: HarperCollins Publishers © 1991, 2001

Collins Concise Dictionary English–Portuguese/Português–Inglês 3rd Edition
New York: Harper Collins Publishers © 2010

Modern Portuguese: A Reference Grammar
Mário A. Perini
New Haven: Yale University Press © 2002

A Picture is Worth... 1000 Words... Books 1 and 2
Anthony Mollica
Welland, Ontario: éditions Soleil publishing, inc. © 1992
Subtitled Creative activities for the language classroom, the two volumes of 60 photographs each are intended to provide visual stimuli for discussion and conversation activity in the language classroom; also available: Teacher’s Guide (by Anthony Mollica, Julie Ashcroft, and Anne-Marie Finger) containing questions for each photograph.

A Portuguese–English Dictionary
Revised by James R. Taylor
Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press © 1958

Word by Word English/Portuguese Picture Dictionary
Steven J. Molinsky, Bill Bliss, & Lynn Mario T. Menezes de Souza
Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall Regents © 1996