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Italian Transparencies

language laboratory catalog

In giro per la letteratura
Elizabeth Giansiracusa & Kenneth Berri
Heinle & Heinle © 1996
15 transparencies (11 color, 4 black & white) correlated to specific chapters of the text In giro per la letteratura (IT 1.027)

Italian Overhead Transparencies 2nd Edition
Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company © 2002
24 black & white transparencies divided into three categories: maps, places and things, and people; two sets available.

Oggi in Italia 3rd Edition Transparencies
24 transparencies divided into four categories: maps (of Italy), people, word sets, and scenes; although cued to chapters in the Italian text Oggi in Italia, 3rd Edition, these transparencies may be used in conjunction with any language text, as the majority of transparencies are images only, without super-imposed text.

Prego! 3rd Edition Instructor’s Resource Kit and Manual
140 black-line transparency masters of drawings from the main text Prego!, 3rd Edition and realia (advertisements, schedules, announcements, newspaper and magazine articles, etc.); realia coordinated with cultural themes of main text chapters or with grammar topics.