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Italian Supplementary Language Study Recordings

language laboratory catalog

Acquerello italiano
IT 1.017
60-minute audiocassettes containing songs, interviews, and cultural information about Italy; a tapescript and a study guide accompany each cassette; study supplement contains listening comprehension exercises, crossword puzzles, and an answer key.

IT 1.005
Italy, past and present; a fiction series designed for beginning-intermediate students; tells of a young Roman couple at a moment of crisis in their personal lives; a second story deals with a young Italian and his romantic daydreams; the program contains twenty-five short episodes, each followed by a listening comprehension exercise; the book includes the text of the episodes, idioms, grammar explanations, written and oral exercises, and a short synopsis tying the episodes together into a single storyline; a pronunciation section, a list of regular and irregular verbs, and answer keys are at the end of the book; the teacher’s guide contains useful suggestions and comprehension exercises on the recordings.
Average episode: 5–8 minutes
Total time: 3 hours 6 minutes

Buongiorno Italia
IT 1.017
A program for beginners in Italian, based entirely on conversations and interviews with Italians recorded in Italy; cassettes contain pronunciation practice, a selection of the conversations printed in the book, and exercises for student participation; accompanying book includes the text of the conversations and interviews, explanations and notes on the language, information about Italy, and numerous exercises; video series, teacher’s guide, and “notes for teachers” also available.
Average unit: 9–10 minutes
Total time: 2 hours and 45 minutes

Canta che ti passa: Imparare l’italiano con le canzoni
IT 1.035 CD
15-unit text © 2000 Alma Certosa srl with accompanying audio CD of contemporary Italian songs for beginning and intermediate language learners; text provides communicative activities for language learning in a classroom setting as well as games, cloze activities, tests, comprehension and production exercises, crossword puzzles, etc; activities based on songs by the following artists: Claudio Baglioni, Leandro Barsotti, Lucio Battisti, Edoardo Bennato, Angelo Branduardi, Luca Carboni, Lucio Dalla, Sergio Endrigo, Rino Gaetano, Jovanotti, Gino Paoli, Paola Turci, Antonello Venditti; artists’ biographies and teachers’ guide included in the text.
Total time: approx. 58 minutes

Circling the Globe with Speech: Italian
IT 1.003
Narratives of 6–8 minutes in length; primarily designed for listening comprehension practice and cultural enrichment; each narrator is an actual student from the city named; the speech is informal, and the language, while clear and distinct, is normal, everyday speech; text available.
Total time: 37 minutes


Milano e San Remo
Napoli e Pompei Milano

Dialoghi simpatici
IT 1.018
A graded introductory reader for beginning students; 30 dialogues dealing with a variety of topics that are traditionally part of the beginning-level curriculum; accompanying text includes comprehension exercises, free-response exercises, vocabulary and grammar review exercises; Teacher’s Guide includes vocabulary lists, cultural notes, and answer key to exercises.
Total time: 29 minutes 26 seconds

Foreign Service Institute Italian
Basic (IT 1.010)
Advanced (IT 1.011)
Twelve basic cassettes and eleven advanced cassettes with accompanying book

In giro per la letteratura
IT 1.027
Instructor-use-only audiocassette to stimulate class discussion of classical Italian literary texts as well as advertisements, songs, film excerpts, political speeches, and nightclub sketches included in the text In giro per la letteratura by Elizabeth Giansiracusa and Kenneth Berri © 1996 Heinle & Heinle.
Total time: 22 minutes

L’Italia dal vivo
IT 1.016
An intermediate course in Italian based on conversations and interviews with Italians in Italy; cassettes contain conversations printed in the book and exercises for student participation; accompanying book includes the texts of the conversations and interviews, explanations and notes on the language, information about Italy and numerous exercises; tapescript of exercises also available.
Average unit: 9 minutes
Total time: approx. 3 hours

Journey in Italy
IT 1.001
A series of short dialogues (50) on daily life subjects; narrated by native speakers; excellent for comprehension and intonation; the illustrated text contains the dialogues in Italian; a separate booklet contains English translation.
49 minutes

Just Listen ’n Learn Italian
IT 1.020
Conversational review program for intermediate-advanced students; features on-location recordings; focuses on speaking, listening, and reading skills needed for everyday communication; includes text, instructor’s manual.
Total time: approx. 3 hours

Nastroteca: La lingua italiana per stranieri
IT 1.008
5 cassettes with book of exercises.
Average cassette: 42 minutes
Total time: 8 hours 24 minutes

Per essere felice insieme
IT 1.004
Canzoni italiani tradizionali, folk e moderne; fifteen songs; words are slowly read, then each song is sung; afterwards, a series of simple questions is asked of each song and answers are given in support of student’s response; the booklet contains the songs in Italian, with their English translations as well as the questions and answers, some grammar points and other comments.
71 minutes

La pronunzia dell’italiano insegnata agli stranieri
IT 1.002
Cassette and text available
27 minutes

Punti di vista
IT 1.009
1976 BBC publication; twenty interviews recorded in natural settings on two cassettes; book available.
Average interview: 25 minutes
Total time: 1 hour 40 minutes

Understanding Spoken Italian
IT 1.001
LP recording; eighteen lessons to aid in comprehension of the spoken language; a phrase is spoken by a native speaker, then a pause for student repetition, followed by a repeat by another speaker; the printed manual shows the key words of each lesson to aid in audiovisual assimilation; an Italian–English/English–Italian dictionary and an English translation of each lesson are also provided.
25 minutes