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Italian Civilization, Culture, and
History Recordings

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Carletti, Francesco
IT 4.004
Adventures of a 17th century merchant, traveler and slave trader; impressions of places and people in West Indies, China, etc.

Castellani, Renato
IT 4.002
Interview with director who talks about theatre vs. films as art form, technical problems of both, and the Italian emigrant – his problems, his feelings and his cultural attachment and identification with Italy.

Fellini, Federico
IT 4.001
Interview with Fellini who speaks naturally of his life and career and talks about some of his films

Humanism in Florence
IT 4.008
Lecture by Dante Della Terza given at Boston College Honors Library, February 25, 1985
60 minutes

Tribuna Elettorale
IT 4.006
Gianni Granzotte, G. Saragat speaking on political and social problems of the working class; also a reading of a statement by Togliatti; questions by newspapermen from Avanti, Tribuna, Secolo d’italia, Il Tempo and Momento-Sera.