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German Supplementary Language
Study Recordings

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Business Situations: German
GM 1.010
Two cassettes; text available
2 hours 30 minutes

Ein frischer Obstsalat
GM 1.026
Recording of 12 children’s songs performed by German clown “Alexander” Paul Langel; good for learning of basic German vocabulary; lyrics available.
34 minutes

Gefährliche Wege
GM 1.021
Suspense thriller about art thieves traveling from Hamburg to the Yucatán in search of pre-Columbian artifacts; for the beginning-intermediate student; twenty short episodes followed by recorded listening comprehension exercises; book contains the recorded text, review questions, and vocabulary; teacher’s guide contains the texts of the listening comprehension tests, answer keys, and crossword puzzles.
Average episode: 15–19 minutes
Total time: 6 hours 12 minutes

Geheime Mission
GM 1.005
Suspense thriller involving industrial espionage; for the beginning-intermediate student; twenty-five episodes followed by recorded listening comprehension exercises; book contains the recorded text, review questions, and vocabulary; teacher’s guide contains the texts of the listening comprehension tests, answer keys, crossword puzzles.
Average episode: 10–15 minutes
Total time: 6 hours 17 minutes

Geschäftsdeutsch, 2nd edition: An Introduction to Business German
GM 1.024
Gudrun Clay ©1990, 1995 McGraw-Hill, Inc.
listening comprehension exercises to accompany each of this text’s 12 chapters; 2 copies of text available.
Total time: 56 minutes

Hörverständnisübungen für Fortegeschrittene
GM 1.011
Twenty short passages recorded at normal speed in interview and conversational formats; for intermediate-advanced students.
Average passage: 5 minutes
Total time: 1 hour 23 minutes


Ein Telefongespräch
Ein netter Verkäufer
Der kaputte Staubsauger
Der Autostop nach Paris
Ein Autounfall
Beim Arzt
Der Autokauf
Die Bewerbung
Der Urlaub wird geplant
Was für ein Mensch ist Karl
Ein Vertreter kommt
Der Parksünder
Das Auto und die Bürokratie
Interview mit einem Bürgermeister
Interview mit einem jungen Künstier
Ein zu enges Sommekleid
Der Herr Vorsitzende hat das Wort
Mein Mann kommt immer so spät nach Hause
Die Stadt Köln — gestern und heute.
Eine Vorlesung

Eine kleine Deutschmusik
GM 1.015
The Singlingual Method for learning German through familiar tunes; uses universally known tunes with new lyrics to teach beginning students the most important German language functions, idiomatic expressions and grammar; twenty-four songs with explanations and one review chapter; each unit teaches a specific communicative skill (e.g. “Kommen Sie aus Tokio?” — “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” — introducing yourself); musical score with guitar chords included in accompanying book.
Total time: approx. 35 minutes

GM 1.014
For beginning students; based on conversations and interviews with Germans recorded in Germany, this program is designed to teach the language of daily life and direct personal relations; stresses the language of ordinary people doing everyday things, going to meetings, shopping, travelling and working; includes three paperback texts and teacher’s guide.
Average unit: 7 minutes
Total time: approx. 3 hours

Testing and Teaching for Oral Proficiency
MISC 1.004.005/.006
Kit designed for the teacher of English as a second language, French, German or Spanish who is interested in oral proficiency testing and in some of the ways the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines can be applied to the teaching of oral skills (one kit/language); components of each kit include: a book and set of two audiocassettes; each tape set contains four recorded actual interviews representing the four levels of the rating scale — novice, intermediate, advanced, and superior; book includes: overview of interviews, description of rating scale, explanation of how interviews are conducted and the types of questions commonly used at each level, an application section with simple oral activities and guidelines for writing role plays at each level, commentaries for the interviews with detailed analysis of the students’ speech samples, and the interviewers’ techniques.

Unternehmen Deutsch Aufbaukurs B1 + B2
GM 1.035
Jörg Braunert and Wolfram Schlenker
© Ernst Klett Sprachen, GmbH, Stuttgart, 2005
One textbook: Lehrbuch
One teacher’s manual: Lehrerhandbuch
One vocabulary book: Wörterheft
2 Audio CDs to accompany the textbook