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German Grammar Computerized I and II

Transparent Language Sampler
Macintosh software program designed to help students read and understand authentic literature; sampler text in German = Eine grössere Anschaffung by Wolfgang Hilde-Sheimer; “transparent language” version of original text features hideable Help windows that provide text-related information when user highlights a segment of text; windows available:
(1) Word Meaning provides literal meaning of each word of original text
(2) Phrase Meaning gives the meaning of a phrase as a whole (i.e. idiomatic sense)
(3) Sentence or Clause Meaning offers the meaning of a highlighted segment of the original text
(4) Comments holds grammatical information, such as infinitives of verbs and other types of “root words”
(5) Notes is used for longer explanations of grammar; program also includes Bookmark, Word Search, Root Search features; includes audiocassette recording of story.