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German CD-ROM Programs

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All-in-One Language Fun
Compatibility: Windows 3.1/95 | Mac 7.0 or newer
Introductory language program using games as a way to teach. Enjoy yourself as you listen to native speakers as you play. This multimedia CD-ROM includes 27 games such as matching, puzzles, Simon Says and BINGO. Each game has 1–5 different difficulty levels. 2 copies available.

Astérix: Learn German (Lerne Deutsch mit dem Sohn des Asterix)
Compatibility: Windows 95/98/NT/2000 | Mac System 7 and above
2-disc dual-platform CD-ROM program based on the adventures of the popular “Gaulish” comic book character Astérix; designed to build the high-beginner- to intermediate-level language learner’s skills of listening comprehension, reading, command of vocabulary, pronunciation and fluency via 20 hours of interactive audio/video language learning material; features introduction to the story’s 5 principal characters, interactive story with German audio track, German text or text translation, and on-screen language help options; translation of title introduction available in 11 languages (Czech, Dutch, English, French, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish); interview activity allows user to ask questions of Astérix and Obélix; “record” feature in “Studio” mode allows user to record frame by frame the role of one character in a dialogue, then review playback of his/her voice in “Theatre” mode with other Astérix character; quiz section available for the testing of language skills.

Den Holocaust überleben: Interviews mit deutsch-jüdischen Schriftstellerinnen
Macintosh CD-ROM produced by M.I.T. in 1997; features interviews with 5 German-Jewish female writers on the following themes: memories, women, Holocaust memorials, identity, controversies of history, encampments, motherhood, neo-Nazis, and writing; includes historical notes, bibliographies; notebook feature allows user to take notes as he/she listens to interviews; includes transcript of interviews; 3 copies available.

Learn to Speak German, version 8.1
Compatibility: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
Windows program featuring 4 CD-ROMs and 1 “Practice Language Audio CD;” over 100 lessons designed to help build German fluency in the four skill areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing; special features include: speech recognition technology, voice recording and playback, talking dictionary with 10,000+ words, cultural movies, games, puzzles, conversation simulations, Internet lessons and resources; accompanying workbook contains basic expressions, dialogues from the CD-ROM lessons, a reference grammar, grammar charts and glossary, exercises for selected grammar points, answer key, German/English end vocabulary.

Neue Horizonte Now!
Compatibility: Windows 3.1 or Windows 95 | Mac System 7.1 – 7.5
Interactive, introductory German CD-ROM program based on the Houghton Mifflin Co. text Neue Horizonte, 4th edition and Transparent Language, Inc.’s Language Now! software; designed to assist beginning language students in acquiring knowledge of the sound system, vocabulary, grammar and syntax of German, as well as of German culture; uses Content Files featuring dialogues, poems and other readings drawn from each of the chapters of the Neue Horizonte, 4th edition textbook; the “transparent language” version of a file’s text provides hideable Help windows that provide text-related information when the user highlights a segment of text; windows available:
(1) Word Meaning provides the literal meaning of every word in the Content File
(2) Phrase Meaning gives the meaning of a phrase as a whole (i.e. idiomatic sense)
(3) Segment Meaning offers an interpretive translation of the highlighted text
(4) Root Word and Grammar windows provide verb and other grammatical information
(5) Notes features learning tips dealing with grammar, vocabulary, cultural information, and pronunciation
Listen and Speak, Sound Palette, and Word Dictation activities allow the user to practice listening and pronunciation skills; includes four games: Vocabulous!, Unscramble, Plug-n-Play, and Crosswords, each designed to help the user test vocabulary, spelling, syntax and/or comprehension skills.

Treffpunkt Deutsch (3rd edition) Interactive
Dual-platform CD-ROM to supplement the Widmaier and Widmaier text Treffpunkt Deutsch, 3rd edition (Prentice Hall © 1999); features recording and playback option, grammar tables, glossary, WWW resources; each chapter’s activities include: Wörter im Kontext, Strukturen, Videodialog, Briefkasten, and WebKultur; 4 copies available.

Treffpunkt Deutsch, 4th edition Student Video CD-ROM
Compatibility: Windows 98/2000/ME/XP | Mac OS 8.6 or higher
Dual-platform CD-ROM featuring videoclips of interviews with native speakers of German on the theme, structure, and vocabulary of each chapter of Treffpunkt Deutsch, 4th edition (Pearson Education, Inc. © 2003); uses the Divace player as its video display device; permits bookmarking of videoclips; user may record his/her own voice and compare performance with that of native speaker.

Who is Oscar Lake?
CD-ROM language learning adventure game in German; intended for use by beginning-level students; object of the game: to help solve the mystery of a crime committed shortly after you, a diamond dealer, arrive in a large city where an old friend owns a hotel and gallery — on display in the gallery, a world-famous blue diamond; user must explore and “talk” in German to live-action characters in the story; language skills addressed: vocabulary building, multiple ways of expressing an idea, reading (via dialog transcriptions), listening comprehension, pronunciation; game also includes multilingual glossary for translation into English, French, Italian, or Spanish of words that appear in the program, as well as language-learning activities of a “listen and choose,” “listen and speak,” or “listen and do” nature; 2 copies available.