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French Supplementary Language Study Recordings

language laboratory catalog

A vous la France
FR 1.046
Designed to give beginning students of French a basic introduction to the language within its cultural context; based on conversations recorded in France, this program exposes students to the daily life and everyday spoken language of the French; the cassettes include pronunciation sections, a selection of the basic conversations printed in the accompanying book, at least 2 oral exercises per chapter that can be used to practice taking part in complete conversations in real-life situations; teacher’s guide and “notes for teachers” also available.
Average chapter: 12 minutes
Total time: 2 hours 45 minutes

Allez France!
FR 1.037
real-life conversations/interviews recorded in Paris, Reims, Puylaroque (southwest France), Belgium and West Africa; reviews and develops structures of beginning French used in everyday situations; text and teacher’s guide available; for intermediate students.
Average episode 10–14 minutes
Total time: 1 hour 44 minutess

Alors pourquoi?
FR 1.034
A collection of pop songs written for learners of French by Anne Gruneberg, a young French songwriter, actress and teacher. She wrote them for her highly successful French Teaching Theatre, a group which tours schools and colleges giving performances in which her audiences participate. The songs are not only fun to listen to — their styles range from folk through country and blues to rock — but also give useful language practice in a number of carefully chosen points at an elementary level, within a limited vocabulary.
34 minutes

Amélioration de la prononciation
FR 1.069
Series of four audiocassettes designed to develop skill in understanding and producing the sounds, rhythm and intonation of French.
Cassette #1 Initiation àlalphabet phonétique du français is designed to be used as a self-study aid to recognize and make use of the International Phonetic Alphabet as it applies to the pronunciation of French; exercises presented in four stages — discovery, perception, discrimination, production; accompanying workbook contains exercises, tapescript and answer keys.
Cassettes #2–4 Les voyelles orales, divided into five parts, include exercises of discovery, perception, discrimination, repetition and production to help the student improve his/her pronunciation of the oral vowel sounds of French; pronunciation model = correct Canadian French; accompanying book contains explanations, exercises, transcriptions, answer sheets and answer keys; separate feuilles-réponses booklet suitable for photocopying (permission granted by publisher) also available.
Cassette #1: total time, 37 minutes 41 seconds
Cassettes #2–4: total time, approx. 3 hours

Brezhoneg...buan hag aes (Le cours de breton pour tous)
BRT 1.001
Beginning-level program for the study of the Breton language; 255-page text by Pierre Denis (© 1972 Sirs Omnivox Paris and Per Denez) divided into 25 lessons consisting of vocabulary lists, dialogues, questions and answers, grammar explanations; booklet containing French translation of the dialogues and answer key to the exercises also available; accompanying audiocassettes feature recordings of the dialogues and of the phonetic symbols charts.
Total time: 2 hours 42 minutes

Cantiques, rhythmes et rimes
FR 1.070
Program of chants, rhythms and rhymes designed to help students learn vocabulary, grammar, syntax and the basic flow of the language; includes four types of chants, rhythms, rhymes: thematic, grammatical, general and traditional; two recordings:
(1) one by native speakers who chant/recite accompanied by rhythms provided by various percussion and string instruments including special Caribbean and Cajun instruments
(2) one of the rhythms alone, without voices, to be used for original chants; accompanying book contains scripts of all cantiques and various related exercises.
41 minutes

FR 1.061 (1992/1993)
FR 1.077 (1996/1997, 1997/1998, 1999/2000, 2000/2001)
A monthly “audiomagazine” designed for use by intermediate to advanced students of French. Each month’s radio program (on audiocassette) is filled with news, feature stories, interviews, music, segments on books, movies, art exhibits, and special events happening in France. Included with each audiocassette is the full text of the tape’s contents, all song lyrics, an extensive French–English glossary and cultural notes. An accompanying study supplement features pre-listening and post-listening exercises (with answer key).
Each cassette: 60 minutes

Chanson française
FR 3.147
Three cassettes representing the history of French music from its origins to the present day; beautifully illustrated color text containing lyrics of some of the selections.

Chemins dangereux
FR 1.017
Program takes beginning-intermediate students from the alleys of Paris to the jungles of the Yucatan in an international tale of intrigue; 20 short, suspenseful episodes with recorded listening comprehension tests; illustrated book contains story, review questions and a vocabulary list.
Average episode: 16 minutes
Total time: 5 hours 45 minutes

FR 1.071
Collection of 47 diverse activities (graduated in difficulty at the intermediate level) designed to help students “use French appropriately, correctly and spontaneously in a variety of contexts and settings;” designed to supplement any French text; majority of activities focus on message rather than form; 11 listening comprehension activities recorded on cassette; accompanying workbook includes related print material for listening comprehension activities as well as activities for speaking, reading and writing (not recorded); instructor’s manual containing pedagogical suggestions and transcript/answer key of listening activities available.
Audiocassette: 19 minutes

FR 1.025
Eleven approximately 30-minute audiocassettes designed to teach French phonetics and pronunciation at the intermediate and advanced college levels; approximately fifty percent of exercises printed in accompanying textbook are recorded; exercises available on cassette are preceded by one or two asterisks before the exercise number in the text.
Total time: approx. 5 hours 30 minutes

Du tac au tac
FR 1.049
For second or third-year students; emphasizes interactional strategies for communication: how to initiate, maintain and close a conversation; how to communicate and respond to needs, problems, feelings, plans, opinions; how to tell stories; how to behave appropriately in face-to face interaction; native speakers on tape interact much in the manner of improvisational theater.
Total time: approx. 41 minutes

Femmes et métiers
FR 1.023
Recordings (interview, vocabulary and grammar exercises) of unrehearsed interviews with French women about their careers; designed for intermediate-advanced students; accompanying written material includes: 1) Introduction to the type of work done by the interviewee; 2) Portrait of interviewee; 3) Vocabulary; 4) Tape transcript; 5) Structural exercises; 6) Comprehension questions; 7) Suggested discussion topics and improvisations; 8) Related text from a French newspaper, magazine, novel or government document.

001 Corinne Monod, secrétaire [32.16]
002 Danielle Delfour, dentiste [41.50]
003 Jacqueline Pelleport, médecin [32.58]
004 Ann-Marie Bailly, infirmière [35.06]
005 Jeanine Clisson, pharmacienne [33.05]
006 Annette Vincent, gardienne [30.52]
007 Betty Baëd, coiffeuse [26.50]
008 Josette Benoîte, femme politique [33.28]
009 Elizabeth Hoche, ingénieur [31.06]
010 Dominique Dupuis, directrice commerciale [25.40]
011 Marie-Claire Bulté, professeur [29.24]
012 Simone Truchon, fonctionnaire [33.10]

Le français commercial
FR 1.044
Series of three audiocassettes designed to help familiarize the student with the vocabulary, protocol, etc. of business French and to review French grammar in general; accompanying text (2 copies) contains 27 dossiers composed of dialogues (recorded on cassette) and explanatory notes, documents, exercises with answer keys and grammatical index.
Total time: approx. 3 hours

Le français des affaires
FR 1.033
Spontaneous conversations with French businessmen recorded on four cassettes; Series I presents various topics related to business in France; Series II discusses the organization of a French company through interviews with the managers of the personnel, marketing and other departments of a large corporation; includes transcripts of interviews, plus a case study to accompany the cassettes of Series II; for advanced students.
Average cassette: 50–60 minutes
Total time: 3 hours 24 minutes


La banque en France
Des conseils aux Américains qui veulent travailler en France
La lutte des classes
Les nationalisations
Le travail d’un consultant indépendent
Le service des relations extérieures
Le service “gestion”
Le service du personnel
Le service du marketing
Le prix de revient
La publicité

Français pour tous — savoir écouter
FR 1.059.001–.055
55 audiocassettes of brief (30 seconds – 6 minutes) messages, consignes, interviews, bulletins dinformation on a wide variety of subjects intended to develop listening comprehension skills; accompanying booklets contain (1) explanations and activities to guide listening, (2) script of recorded passages, (3) answer key to activities; for beginning through advanced levels; table of contents of entire series available.

France Extra!
FR 1.047
Designed for people who already speak some French; a follow-up course to A vous la France; based on interviews with French people who talk about varied topical issues such as retirement, health cures, technology, women and employment, sports, the arts, and dating agencies; the cassettes include interviews and supplementary exercises, including the “A l’écoute” section of each chapter and the short documentaries called “Faits divers” in chapters 7–15; accompanying book and teacher’s guide.
Average chapter: 16 minutes
Total time: 4 hours 13 minutes

Guide pratique de la communication 2e édition
FR 1.060
A functional classification of basic structures and expressions of the French language with examples of their use in daily situations. The text is divided into two parts. The first presents the most useful expressions for 100 “acts of communication.” These acts may be categorized as follows: 1) les liens sociaux; 2) demander et donner des informations; 3) pour passer à l’action; 4) décrire des attitudes et exprimer des sentiments; 5) pour aller plus loin — notions de grammaire, de sociolinguistique; 6) la vie professionnelle en Europe — vocabulaire de base de la technologie du bureau, des expressions pour parler au téléphone, pour écrire une lettre commerciale, etc. The second part of the text consists of fifty-seven dialogues representing everyday social and professional situations (e.g. rencontres, rendez-vous professionnels et amicaux, repas, achats, commerce, tourisme, loisirs, etc.) These dialogues, which reiterate the 100 “acts of communication” of the first part, are recorded on the accompanying cassette. Text and cassette may be used by the beginning through intermediate-advanced level language learner. Excellent as a reference book.
Total time: 60 minutes

Les Orléanais ont la parole
FR 1.028
Cassette recording of brief interviews with Orléanais who discuss various aspects of life in the town; book and teacher’s guide.
62 minutes

Paquette Series
FR 1.013
Short listening comprehension narratives for beginning-intermediate students; French texts.
Average narrative: 15 minutes
Total time: 5 hours 22 minutes


Salade Niçoise

Le savez-vous?

Êtes-vous décontracté?

Êtes-vous fort en histoire?

Êtes-vous curieux?


Il arrive!

Statistiques parisiennes

Le Jazz en France

Un Bonaparte en Amérique

Finances personnelles

Calendrier révolutionnaire

Dame très mystérieuse

Le jour le plus long

Êtes-vous ambitieux?

Sens de l’observation

La Tour Eiffel

Êtes-vous sûr de vous?

Amitié franco-américaine

Anatomie et langage

Votre horoscope

La chanson en France

Le Tour de France


Le pont sonore
FR 1.011
Exercises that address the phonetic difficulties of colloquial French, the grammatical difficulties of standard French, the lexical difficulties of “le français soigné;” students must listen to recorded sentences, transcribe them, then verify their transcriptions by comparing them with the model transcriptions in the book; text available.
Average cassette: 20 minutes
Total time: 2 hours 30 minutes

Prononciation française — Intonation et morceaux choisis
J.V. Pleasants
FR 1.007
The text is available upon request.

Quotidiennement vôtre, de France
FR 1.031
A fifteen-hour audio program that provides authentic oral reinforcement for all levels; sixty fifteen-minute radio programs on fifteen cassettes with three French/English workbooks bring daily scenes and sounds of France into the classroom or language lab.

Rendez-vous à Chaviray
FR 1.018
25 episodes dramatize situations students might encounter visiting a town in France; episodes concentrate on key vocabulary, with a minimum of emphasis on grammar; each episode is followed by a recorded listening comprehension test.
Average episode: 10 minutes
Total time: 4 hours 28 minutes

The advanced student’s chance to “talk back” to a native speaker via dialogues recorded three times for 1) listening comprehension; 2) student learning of the dialogue’s phrases; 3) fluency in repetition; a fourth repetition features the recording of one speaker’s role with pauses in which a student can make an appropriate response.

Savoir dire
FR 1.066
Cours de phonétique et de prononciation; eleven approximately 16–41-minute audiocassettes designed to reinforce explanations of phonetics found in the accompanying text and to provide oral practice; text, written entirely in French, contains a variety of oral and written exercises, including transcription from French into the International Phonetic Alphabet.
Total time: 11 hours

Suivez la piste
FR 1.019
Detective thriller for beginning-intermediate students; twenty-five short episodes with recorded listening comprehension tests.
Average episode: 10–20 minutes
Total time: 3 hours 3 minutes

Sur le vif
FR 1.038
Twenty conversations/interviews, taped “on the spot” in Poitiers and Brittany with people speaking spontaneously and naturally; includes key structures and listening comprehension tests; text and teacher’s guide available; for intermediate-advanced student.
Average episode: 10–20 minutes
Total time: 3 hours 3 minutes

Talking in French
FR 1.012
Short passages recorded in France in their natural settings; manual contains vocabulary notes; two levels:
Intermediate [49:10]
Advanced [53:51]

Testing and Teaching for Oral Proficiency
MISC 1.004.003/.004
Kit designed for the teacher of English as a second language, French, German or Spanish interested in oral proficiency testing and in some of the ways the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines can be applied to the teaching of oral skills (one kit/language); components of each kit include: a book and set of two audiocassettes; each tape set contains four recorded actual interviews representing the four levels of the rating scale-novice, intermediate, advanced and superior; book includes: overview of interviews, description of rating scale, explanation of how interviews are conducted and the types of questions commonly used at each level, an application section with simple oral activities and guidelines for writing role plays at each level, commentaries for the interviews with detailed analysis of the students’ speech samples and the interviewers’ techniques.

Vient de paraître
FR 1.020
French fiction program revolving around weekly newspaper, L’objectif; 20 taped episodes follow journalists as they interview people and talk to colleagues.
Average episode: 10 minutes
Total time: 3 hours 30 minutes