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French Maps and Posters

language laboratory catalog

Atlas mondial Hatier
38½" × 23½" dry-mounted French-language map of the world.

36" × 31½" paper map of Canada.

Carte des pays de langue française
26" × 39" laminated map of the world highlighting French-speaking countries.

42" square laminated map in full color; “political” side shows the Regions and Departments with their capitals and chefs-lieux; “physical” side shows the rivers, mountains, lakes, and larger cities with their population.

La francophonie dans le monde
22" × 17" laminated map of the world with French-speaking countries highlighted.

Le journal de l’année 1995/Atlanta et 100 ans de Jeux Olympiques 1996
25" × 18½" double-sided, laminated poster featuring 12 brief 1995 “year-in-review” world news stories on one side and 1996 Olympic Games information and historical facts about the Games on the reverse.

Le pays basque ... C’est authentique!
31½" × 23½" laminated, poster (designed by Stéphane Sésé); colorful display of various products associated with the Basque region of France.

Plan de Paris
16" × 24" fold-out map with metro map included.

Plan de Paris
36" × 28" laminated map of Paris’ métro, including a directory of streets.

Province of Quebec
38" × 50" paper map of the province of Quebec.

La Révolution
Eight 26½" × 18" laminated posters concerning the French Revolution with complete commentaries about the events, personalities, places, discoveries and policies of the time; sixteen fiches pédagogiques containing vocabulary; ideas for exercises, questions, etc. to accompany each poster; produced by Le Français dans le Monde.

Les rois de France
c. 1996 AEDIS éditions
16" x 20" laminated "genealogical" chart of the kings of France - Capétiens, Valois and Bourbons; includes dates of birth and dates of reign of each king.

Strasbourg Street Map
33" × 17" tourist-type, fold-out street map (in color) of Strasbourg.

16" × 24" laminated poster of a café drink/sandwich menu advertising the Confédération Française des Hôteliers, Restaurateurs, Cafetiers, Discothèques.

L'Union Européenne - 27 pays
c. 2010 AEDIS éditions
16" x 20" laminated map of the 27 countries comprising the European Union; includes image of each country's flag and basic info. about each country (i.e. land mass, population & capital) 

World Map
Rand McNally Cosmopolitan Series 49½" × 32½" laminated map of the world; 2 copies available.