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French CD-ROM Programs

language laboratory catalog

51 Languages of the World
Dual-platform CD-ROM featuring 51 languages from all over the world; allows the user to speak with native speakers; interactive dialogues and conversation practice aid the user in learning and understanding more advanced speech, while games and quizzes make learning the language fun and interactive.

2000 ans de civilisation occidentale
Compatibility: Windows 3.1/95 | Mac System 7.1 or higher
Dual-platform CD-ROM conceived and written by Pascal Bonafoux, professor of history and art; provides a panoramic view of Western civilization from the 5th century B.C. to the present day; includes: 9 chronological tables that serve to contextualize more than 2000 years of artistic creation, 500 biographies of artists, writers, poets, playwrights, composers, philosophers, architects, filmmakers, glossary of forms and techniques related to architecture, literature and music, definitions of movements in the history of art, map of Europe and the US highlighting the centers of artistic activity; 12 myths that have repeatedly found expression in Western culture throughout the ages, hours of music; also available: access to complementary Internet web site.

All-in-One Language Fun
Compatibility: Windows 3.1/95 | Mac 7.0 or newer
Introductory language program using games as a way to teach. Enjoy yourself as you listen to native speakers as you play. This multimedia CD-ROM includes 27 games such as matching, puzzles, “Simon Says,” and “Bingo.” Each game has 1–5 different difficulty levels. 2 copies available.

Compatibility: Windows 3.1/95 | Mac System 7.5
CD-ROM offering a panoramic and detailed view of the medieval tapestry L’Apocalypse, commisioned by Louis Ier, duc d’Anjou, at the end of the 14th century and currently preserved and displayed at the Château d’Angers; program includes a history and overview of the tapestry, a “virtual gallery” tour of each of the tapestry’s 74 panels, with narration in French (by Michaël Lonsdale) of the corresponding Biblical text of Saint John from the last Book of the New Testament; also available: text of narration, notes, glossary, access to corresponding website, “Web l’Apocalypse.”

L’art du Moyen Age
Compatibility: Windows 3.1/95 | Mac System 7.1 or higher
Dual-platform CD-ROM that traces the history of art in the three great civilizations of the Middle Ages: those of the Christian West, Byzantium and Islam; includes more than 900 works of art searchable by time period, type (architecture, painting, iconography, etc.), and themes; features interactive animated sequences, narration in French, music, texts, indices, glossaries.

Astérix — Learn French (Apprenez le français avec le fils d’Astérix)
Compatibility: Windows 95/98/NT/2000 | Mac System 7 or above
2-disc dual-platform CD-ROM program based on the adventures of the popular French comic book character Astérix; designed to build the high-beginner- to intermediate-level language learner’s skills of listening comprehension, reading, command of vocabulary, pronunciation and fluency via 20 hours of interactive audio/video language learning material; features introduction to the story’s 5 principal characters, histoire interactive with French audio track, French text or text translation, and on-screen language help options; translation of title introduction available in 11 languages (Arabic, Dutch, English, German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish); interview activity allows user to ask questions of Astérix and Obélix; “record” feature in ”Studio” mode allows user to record frame by frame the role of one character in a dialogue, then review playback of his/her voice in “Theatre” mode with other Astérix character; quiz section available for the testing of language skills.

Le cinéma des Lumière
Compatibility: Windows 3.1/95 | Mac System 7.1 or higher
Dual-platform CD-ROM about the origins of photography and cinematography, particularly the work of Auguste and Louis Lumière; includes 2000 photographs, 18 minutes of film, 75 minutes of narration in French, 70 documentary-type articles, and filmothèque of 1425 illustrations of Lumière films.

Discovering French Bleu — Interactive
Compatibility: Mac System 7
2-disc Macintosh CD-ROM program (levels B and C) designed to complement lessons 13–28 (B) and lesssons 29–36 (C) of the Valette and Valette text Discovering French Bleu © 1994 D.C. Heath and Company; features interactive listening and speaking activities (Pour communiquer: vocabulaire, langue et communication), cultural information (Note culturelle), pronunciation practice (Prononciation) with “record” option, activities to develop written expression and verbal exchanges (Interview); an Explorations section allows user to apply what he/she has learned via personalized activities that test recall, critical thinking, comprehension, oral and written expression, and the application of cultural information; in the synchronized dialogue activity (A votre tour), the user’s recording is combined with the dialogue of the video segment; Créa-dialogue allows the user to compose and record dialogues for the on-screen characters; also available: Cahier where user can compose and save written work.

Ecoutez 20 Fun French Lessons
Compatibility: Windows 95/98/NT/2000 | Mac System 7 or above
2-disc dual-platform CD-ROM program; 20 interactive lessons on topics typically taught in a beginning-level French language class; designed to build vocabulary, as well as develop listening comprehension and pronunciation skills (via record and compare feature); provides scored quiz for each lesson.


Disc 1:
l’heure, les prix, la voiture, les jours de la semaine, à la maison, les lieux, le plan de la ville, chez les Martin, au restaurant, dans le parc

Disc 2:
les gens, les carrières, la bonne image, la bonne réponse, dans la rue, à la plage, le contrebandier, les réponses polies, les réponses correctes, les styles de vie


Compatibility: Mac System 7.0 or later
Macintosh CD-ROM © 1994, 1997 produced by Gary Dauphin; this “exploration of the culture and history of the Cajun people” includes more than 9.5 hours of material including segments on the language, architecture, music and history of Louisiana from the late 1700s to the 1990s.

Les liaisons dangereuses
One CD-ROM containing excerpts of the letters between the Marquise de Merteuil and the Vicomte de Valmont found in the Pierre Choderlos de Laclos novel; disc to be used with the Macintosh Language Now! series (produced by Transparent Language), a software program designed to help students read and understand foreign language stories; the “transparent language” version of the original text features hideable Help windows that provide text-related information when the user highlights a segment of text; windows available:
(1) Word Meaning provides literal meaning of each word of original text
(2) Phrase Meaning gives the meaning of a phrase as a whole (i.e. idiomatic sense)
(3) Sentence Meaning offers the meaning of a highlighted segment of the original text
(4) Notes allows the user to add personal reminders, questions, comments
(5) Comments provides important grammar information and is linked to a Grammar Basics pop-up help file that includes explanations on “everything from tense, conjugation, alphabet and pronunciation to verbs, nouns, adjectives and tips on intonation;” allows access to pronunciation (by native speaker) of every word and sentence of original text and includes record and playback feature to promote development of student’s pronunciation and listening comprehension skills; interactive learning games also included: Plug-n-Play tests comprehension; Unscramble focuses on correct sentence order; Vocabulous! requires the solving of crossword puzzles or another missing word activity; includes 22 pages of text with 92 minutes of audio.

LINC French Intermediate
Compatibility: Windows 95 or later | Mac OS 8.6 or later
Dual-platform CD-ROM program for high-intermediate to advanced language learners; includes 10 videoclips about topics taken from contemporary French news programming © 1999 as source material for hundreds of exercises designed to develop skills in listening comprehension, reading, writing, and speaking; includes access to transcripts of videoclips, cultural notes, reference grammar, dictionary, vocabulary lists and related WWW links; explanation of the program’s features available in 12 languages (Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Icelandic, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish).


  Le code secret (carte bancaire) Le muguet du ler mai
  Tintin en alsacien L’euro in Europe
  Les Natachas (hôtesses de l’air) L’île-bibliothèque (bio-diversité)
  Au travail à vélo? Investir et maigrir
  Chiens agressifs Un obélisque doré (Obélisque de la Concorde)

Louis XIV et Versailles
Compatibility: Windows 3.1 | Mac System 7.0 or higher
Dual-platform CD-ROM that allows the user to experience daily life in the court of Louis XIV via five stories told by Claude Villers — duration of narration: 2 hours; focuses on the artisans who worked on the construction of Versailles, the artists who entertained at court, the women whom Louis XIV loved, the courtisans and courtly ceremonies; features virtual tour of the château and its gardens, interactive study of the personalities, important dates and events of the time of Louis XIV, music, thematic index.

Le Louvre
Compatibility: Mac 7.1 or higher
“Virtual museum tour”-type CD-ROM (Mac) allows the user to view 200 works from the Louvre’s collections of antiquities, objets d’art, sculpture, painting, and graphic arts; includes detailed views of works, biographies of artists, study of schools, periods of art, and the Louvre Palace itself, 4 hours of recorded commentaries, graphic animation; “tour guide” suggests works for viewing and gives a brief orientation to same; program also allows for the creating of a personalized album of museum “favorites;” includes an alphabetical index of works and artists with links to related images and textual material; access to corresponding website “Le Louvre en ligne.”

Lumière gothique
Compatibility: Windows 3.1/95 | Mac System 7.1 or higher
Dual-platform CD-ROM containing 2000 images of 20 gothic cathedrals in France (including Amiens, Bourges, Chartres, Lyon, Paris, Reims, Rouen); provides history of the cathedrals and their construction, comparisons of cathedrals; features video sequences, dictionary, 3D glossary, 30 minutes of music, 25 minutes of narration; accompanying booklet provides brief histories of each of the cathedrals featured on the CD-ROM.

Lyon: de grandes parties se jouent à Lyon
FR 4.039
one non-interactive CD-ROM produced in 1996 by the Association pour le Développement Economique de la Région Lyonnaise (ADERLY) containing 10 interviews with representative Lyonnais speaking on a variety of topics in an effort to “découvrir Lyon et sa région;” each interview features limited slide/note card support on screen; each clearly articulated interview approximately 5–8 minutes in length; appropriate for high-intermediate to advanced learners; accompanying text contains transcripts of interviews with comprehension questions and other suggested activities.

Un meurtre à Cinet
2 dual-platform CD-ROMs: one for the student, one for the instructor; interactive internet game; object of game: to solve the mystery “Who killed Virginie Collin and why?”; student’s CD contains links to material at various websites that may serve as clues to the murder while supplying language practice exercises; instructor’s CD: source of facts and data for the game and mechanism for monitoring student’s work.

Musée d’Orsay: visite virtuelle
Compatibility: Windows 3.1 or higher | Mac System 7.1 or higher
One interactive CD-ROM produced in 1996 by Montparnasse Multimedia and Réunion des Musées Nationaux; program allows the user to take a “virtual reality” promenade through the exhibit halls of this Paris museum of 19th-century art; masterpieces from the various collections (painting, sculpture, photography, objets d’art) are grouped chronologically and by artistic movement and include works by Courbet, Monet, Cézanne, Gauguin, Van Gogh, Rodin, Klimt, Lalique, Ingres, Caillebotte, among many others; includes recorded commentaries on individual works and artists, the history of art and the historical and cultural milieu in which works were created (example: “Baudelaire et ses peintres”, “Zola, critique d’art”), graphic animation; permits the viewing of works from various angles and distances; “tour guide” suggests works for viewing and gives a brief orientation to same; program also allows for the creating of a personalized album of museum “favorites”; includes an alphabetical index of works and artists with links to related images and textual material.

Notre Dame de Paris
Compatibility: Windows 3.1 or higher | Mac System 7 or higher
Dual-platform CD-ROM with choice of French or English narration; 480 previously unpublished exterior and interior photographs of the Notre-Dame cathedral allow detailed views of its immediate surroundings, roof, doors, architecture, stained glass and chancel screens; includes video sequences, architectural, Biblical, biographical and historical references, catalogue, artists’ renderings of the cathedral, two “games” to test one’s knowledge of the cathedral and its related stories.

Le Panthéon de Voltaire à Malraux
Compatibility: Windows 3.1/95 | Mac System 7.0 or higher
Dual-platform CD-ROM that traces the history of the Panthéon monument in Paris from the birth of Sainte Geneviève in 450 to the transfer of André Malraux’s ashes in 1996; includes portraits of the 79 great men whose remains are or have been interred there — portraits feature biographical information, photographs, excerpts of original speeches, archival film footage; 3 animated sequences treat the development of the idea of “panthéonisation” while the section entitled “Pour Mémoire” discusses the Panthéon’s eminent place in France’s history.

Paris au fil du temps
3 photo CD portfolios each containing 50 previously unpublished architectural plans and maps of the city of Paris from the 16th through the 19th centuries; Michel Le Moël provides commentary on the history and construction of old Paris
Portfolio #1: Le Coeur de Paris (from the Pont-Neuf to the Hôtel de Ville, from the Marais to Odéon)
Portfolio #2: La Rive Droite (from Bercy to Montmartre, from Place de la Concorde to the Bois de Boulogne)
Portfolio #3: La Rive Gauche (from Gobelins to Val-de-Grâce, from Saint-Germain-des-Prés to Invalides).

Paris: Promenades et histoire
Compatibility: Windows 3.1/95 | Mac System 7 or higher
Dual-platform CD-ROM traces the history of the city of Paris from prehistoric times to the present; provides access to thematic (e.g. Paris des écrivains) as well as historic tours of the city, panoramic and aerial vues, exploration of individual quartiers, chronology of events and portraits of related personalities, 3D reconstructions of 15 monuments, maps, index; features interactive animation, texts, narration, music; program allows for the creating of a personalized album of images and texts.

Pas de problème
Compatibility: Windows 3.1/95 | Mac System 7.0.1
One CD-ROM interactive multimedia program based on the Pas de problème video produced by Houghton Mifflin Company; includes activities designed to test basic comprehension and interpretation of 12 video clips taken from the original video episodes; each clip’s concluding freeform activity encourages creative writing; cultural notes within each module provide additional background information on the material presented in the video clips; includes dictionary containing English translations and definitions of words in the program.

Le Petit Robert
Compatibility: Windows 3.1/95 | Mac System 7 or higher
Dual-platform CD-ROM; electronic version of the 1996 edition of the Petit Robert dictionary of the French language; includes 60,000 words, 180,000 examples of usage, phonetic transcriptions and etymologies of all words, recording of the pronunciation of 9,000 words, 40,000 quotations, 150,000 hypertext links to synonyms, homonyms and antonyms.

Compatibility: Mac System 7.1
CD-ROM (Mac) containing 600 of Picasso’s works collected from more than 70 museums and private collections, indexed chronologically and alphabetically; includes panoramic overview and thematic groupings of his works, biographical information, Picasso family photographs, excerpts of film, 40 minutes of original music, more than 2 hours of commentary in French.

Reflets 1

Teaching Medieval Lyric With Modern Technology: New Windows on the Medieval World
Compatibility: Windows 95/98/98SE/NT | Mac OS 7.6 or later
CD-ROM application © 2001 Mount Holyoke College designed for the teaching and study of 3 medieval repertories: Troubadours and Trouvères (CDs 2–5), the Cantigas de Santa Maria of Alfonso X, El Sabio (CDs 6–8), and Guillaume Machaut’s Remède de fortune (CD 5); incorporates audio and text material from the 1987 audiocassette program The Medieval Lyric; series of 9 dual-platform CD-ROMs featuring a collection of images, original sources with transcriptions and text translations, digital recordings, commentary essays and explanatory material, and glossary of special terms; on-screen Help and User Guide available; hard copy of accompanying Instructor’s Manual provides an introduction to the CD-ROM program, the User Guide, tips for teachers, and a sample unit on the Cantigas designed for use at the high school level.

Le trésor des cathédrales
Compatibility: Windows 3.1 or later | Mac System 7.0
Dual-platform CD-ROM; exploration of the life and faith of the people of the Middle Ages, the meaning of religious symbols and medieval customs; includes detailed views of the cathedrals of Paris and Strasbourg, the sculptures of Reims and Chartres, the stained glass windows of Bourges and Lausanne, the Abbey of St. Maurice, among other treasures; choice of narration in French, English or Spanish.

Le Val de Loire
Brief description of the history of the Loire Valley as provided in sample Journal français d’Amérique document of the Transparent Language Language Now! series; “transparent language” Help windows and games (described above in Les Liaisons Dangereuses CD-ROM entry) available for this sample; to access this sample, insert Spanish Now! CD-ROM and open “Samples” folder.

Versailles: Complot à la Cour du Roi Soleil
CD-ROM (Mac) fashioned as an interactive game of intrigue within the historical context of the 17th-century Court of Versailles; game’s plot: on the morning of June 21, 1685, M. Bontemps, first valet de chambre of King Louis XIV, discovers a document announcing a plot to destroy Versailles within 24 hours; Bontemps entrusts Lalande (you, the player) with the task of foiling the plot; game divided into 7 “acts” that recreate a typical day in the life of Louis XIV; player will meet and consult with historical figures, artists, ministers, ladies of the court; features 3D reconstruction of more than 40 locations, public and private, inside and outside the palace; includes more than 200 works of art (painting and sculpture) and 40 minutes of period music; accompanying booklet contains a few historical notes, brief identifications of historical figures, explanation of game’s navigational tools.

Who is Oscar Lake?
CD-ROM language learning adventure game in French; intended for use by beginning-level students; object of the game: to help solve the mystery of a crime committed shortly after you, a diamond dealer, arrive in a large city where an old friend owns a hotel and gallery — on display in the gallery, a world-famous blue diamond; user must explore and “talk” in French to live-action characters in the story; language skills addressed: vocabulary building, multiple ways of expressing an idea, reading (via dialog transcriptions), listening comprehension, pronunciation; game also includes multilingual glossary for translation into English, German, Italian or Spanish of words that appear in the program, as well as language-learning activities of a “listen and choose,” “listen and speak,” or “listen and do” nature.