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English Web Links

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BBC Learning English
English language learning resource from the British Broadcasting Company with lessons, videos, and media links in various languages. Good for beginners.
Largest social network for language learning, with more than 45 million users worldwide. Corresponding mobile app at the App Store.
Dave’s ESL Cafe
Extensive site for ESL/EFL students and teachers maintained by Dave Sperling, with a variety of grammar lessons, idioms, phrasal verbs, slang, and quizzes.
EdVista The Internet for ESL Teachers: numerous links to ESL-related articles, on-line courses, websites of particular interest to ESL instructors; site maintained by Claire Bradin Siskin
English Language Teaching Web: an extensive index of English teaching resources on the web
EnglishClub “Learn English” section of EnglishClub, featuring lessons and games for students of English Entertaining and engaging exercises on grammar, reading comprehension, listening, and vocabulary at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels; maintained by Elek Mathe
English Tongue Twisters Collection of English tongue twisters
Study skills and tips about studying English as a foreign language
ESL Desk An English learning website started by a non-native English speaker as an ESL activities resource
Focus English
Everyday English in conversation: real-life conversation practice via listening activities
Forvo: English words pronounced Extensive database of audio clips for pronouncing words in various languages, English included. Though, it offers no regional accent distinction (like American vs. British); just English.
The Free Dictionary
Dictionary, encyclopedia, and thesaurus
Howjsay “World’s largest Dictionary of English Pronunciation.” Browse their 171587 entries, create lists of up to 15 words (e.g. cat, caught, cart, cut). Learn vocabulary with the help of pictures and sound from Language Revolution
English learning program offered by the British Council
Memrise User-friendly interface with communally-created programs. Particularly useful for learning vocabulary. Also available is a corresponding mobile app at the App Store and Google Play.
Project Gutenberg Thousands of English e-books that have entered the public domain available free for download
SCOLA Web Services

Access to 160 countries & 200 languages!

  • World TV Online: 24/7 international broadcast programs on 8 channels, spanning European, Spanish & Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese, Asian, African, Middle East, Southeast Asia-Far East, and Eurasian countries/languages
  • International Radio in 29 languages
  • On The Street Videos: over 7,000 videos from 90 countries showing informal native speech in everyday situations
  • People & Places: over 29,000 photos from around the world 
  • Foreign Text: 200 recurring newspaper and magazine publications in 70 languages
  • Insta-Class: materials in 52 languages with quizzes and vocabulary already provided
  • Video Editor create your own video clips in the classroom

To access SCOLA Web Services from any computer on the BC network, go to:

See SCOLA’s Technical Information page to make full use of these Online resources. For more information, including how to access SCOLA Web Services on your iPhone or iPad, contact:

Cynthia Bravo (
Director of the Language Lab

Speech Accent Archive Database of speech accents from a variety of language backgrounds. Though it seems to be directed at linguists or those interested in linguistic research, their database “browse” feature is easy enough to navigate.
Talk English Free resource dedicated to helping you learn to speak English fluently; includes English speaking basics, regular English lessons, business & interview English lessons, travel English lessons, idioms and phrases, special topics, listening lessons, and more.

Learning through authentic media:

  • Television
  • Music videos
  • Drama
  • Interviews
  • Travel
  • Yabla exclusive shoots

Yabla media player features:

  • Slow Play
  • Integrated Dictionaries
  • Listening Game
  • Dual Language Subtitles
  • And more…

Languages offered:

Access BC’s Subscription to all 6 of these Yabla sites at any Language Lab computer workstation.