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English CD-ROM Programs

language laboratory catalog

51 Languages of the World
Dual-platform CD-ROM featuring 51 languages from all over the world; allows the user to speak with native speakers; interactive dialogues and conversation practice aid the user in learning and understanding more advanced speech, while games and quizzes make learning the language fun and interactive.

All-in-One Language Fun
Compatibility: Windows 3.1/95 | Mac 7.0 or newer
Introductory language program using games as a way to teach. Enjoy yourself as you listen to native speakers as you play. This multimedia CD-ROM includes 27 games such as matching, puzzles, Simon Says, and BINGO. Each game has 1–5 different difficulty levels. 2 copies available.

The Arthurian Tradition
Compatibility: Windows 95 | Mac System 7.0 or higher
Dual-platform CD-ROM featuring prose, poetry, and legendary stories of the Arthurian time period; this CD-ROM tells the story of King Arthur from his days as a warlord to his time as a king; includes film, games, puzzles, and reading comprehension questions that test the user's knowledge.

Business English: Meetings
Compatibility: Windows 95/98/NT | Mac System 7.5 or higher
Dual-platform interactive CD-ROM that allows the user to understand simple business practices such as: opening a meeting, making a presentation, disagreeing, interrupting, persuading, negotiating, and closing a meeting; sound, video, and text exhibit vocabulary, expressions, and cultural information related to communicating in the business world; the CD features multiple choice questions, crossword puzzles, and a “golf match” to make the learning process more interactive and enjoyable.

English Grammar in Use Extra
EN 1.061
Dual-platform CD-ROM with “over 300 extra practice exercises to accompany the Fourth Edition of the book” by Brigit Viney and Miles Craven.

Focus on Grammar: Advanced
Compatibility: Windows 3.1/95 | Mac System 7.0 or higher
Macintosh CD-ROM containing contextualized and interactive activities as well as grammar review, review tests and all relevant reference material from the student text Focus on Grammar: Advanced © 1995 Addison-Wesley Publishing Co.

Instant Immersion English
Compatibility: Windows 95/98/2000/NT | Mac System 7.5.3 or later
Dual-platform listening comprehension CD-ROM that features a series of quizzes dealing with topics such as restaurants, time, days of the week, places, prices, etc.; record feature allows user to record his/her voice and compare pronunciation with that of the native speaker.

The Official Guide to the New TOEFL iBT
EN 1.050
Windows-only CD-ROM containing authentic, timed test sections (reading, listening, speaking, writing) for the Internet-based Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) first introduced by the Educational Testing Service in 2005–2006; accompanying materials include CD-ROM User’s Guide and 373-page text.

Speech Works: The Accent Reduction Tool
Macintosh CD-ROM that allows user to choose from any language accent background and even any regional English accent background to customize an accent reduction program of exercises; also allows the option of learning vocabulary used in several professions; record feature allows the user to correct his/her own accent by imitating the correct pronunciation of the speaker as many times as necessary.