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Policies and Procedures

language laboratory



Audio/Video Lab

  • Please present a valid Boston College Eagle-One Card at the checkout desk in order to secure audio, visual, and/or print materials (text, dictionary, etc.) for use in the laboratory.
  • Kindly request material by title and lesson number. (One CD/cassette, DVD/videocassette, etc. at a time, please!)
  • No one will be admitted to the Lab without valid identification.
  • In exchange for identification, the requested material and a claim-check card will be issued.
  • Please be seated at any vacant workstation in the audio section of the laboratory or in the viewing room or media carrel assigned by the lab assistant.
  • Present the claim-check card when returning materials to the checkout desk.


Computer Workstations

  • Please present identification before being seated at the computer workstation assigned by the lab assistant.
  • In exchange for identification, the media requested and a claim-check card will be issued.
  • Priority for the use of the computer workstations will be given to students/faculty accessing language learning and/or language course-related programming from the Language Lab's collection.
  • Students wishing to write papers, theses, dissertations, etc. for non-language courses should use computers and printers in the O’Neill Library.
  • FINAL EXAMS: A few rules of the road for the use of the Language Laboratory's workstations during final exam periods. Please observe these policies so that the study needs of as many students as possible may be accommodated. Thank you very much.
    • USER PROFILE: As is always the policy, only students using Language Laboratory–owned, world language–related computer software, word processing, Internet, or multimedia programming may use the workstations.
    • NO FOOD, NO DRINK, NO GUM, NO SMOKING in the laboratory.


Boston College Cable TV Programming

  • Please present identification to view BC Cable TV programming.
  • In exchange for identification, a claim-check card and remote control will be issued.


Audiocassette/Audio CD Duplication Policy

  • We do not allow cassettes/CDs to be removed from the lab, but we do duplicate material, provided that:
    • The laboratory has received written permission to duplicate from the copyright holder of said material. All restrictions imposed by that copyright holder must be observed. For more copyright information, consult The United States Copyright Office.
    • The laboratory owns the material.
    • It is being used in conjunction with a Boston College language course by the individual who has purchased the accompanying textbook and workbook/lab manual. Proof of purchase of accompanying print materials must be shown prior to placing the first duplication request order.
  • Please note that not all audio programs used in language courses are copyable; some are copyable only in audiocassette format.
  • We will refuse to duplicate programs and other copyrighted material for which permission has not been received.