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language laboratory

Language Laboratory facility



The Tandberg Audio Lab


The Tandberg Prisma analog audio system consists of a teacher console plus 20 interfaced audiocassette listening/recording workstations. From the Prisma console, the instructor may conduct oral exams, discreetly monitor and converse with students, activate random pairing or group conferencing among students, and simultaneously distribute to student groups 3 different audio sources (2 in audiocassette format, 1 in CD audio) as well as the audio track of VHS video projected from a monitor at the front of the lab.

Prisma student position cassette recorders provide the following features and functions:

  • visual read-out of real-time counter and volume settings
  • electronic bookmarks
  • two-speed fast forward and rewind
  • adjustable tape-speed control in playback
  • recap of previous sentence of the program track
  • student track record capability while master program is played back


Portable Audio Equipment


Faculty may borrow portable cassette recorders, CD/radio/cassette-corders, and/or digital voice recorders for use in the classroom. A 24-hour advance reservation is required. Students needing portable audio equipment for use in conjunction with an in-class oral presentation must make their needs well known in advance to the faculty member in charge of the class session. The Language Laboratory staff will distribute equipment only to faculty.


DVD/Blu-ray/VHS Video Viewing


Language learning and cultural material presented in DVD format may be accessed via multi-region DVD players (including one Blu-ray/DVD combo unit) located in the facility’s two viewing rooms and two media carrels. Multi-standard VCR units are located at the front of the audio lab and in one of the lab’s viewing rooms for the playback of VHS videocassettes recorded in the NTSC, PAL and SECAM color systems.  Additionally, one media carrel (for individual use) houses NTSC-only VCR units, as well as multi-region DVD players.

[NOTE: Seating capacity of viewing rooms limited to 1–4 people.]


Computer Workstations


The Language Laboratory’s computer workstation area includes 23 Macs and 6 PCs. Internet/printing access is available. 

Priority for the use of the workstations is given to students/faculty using world language programming from the Language Lab’s collection and to students/faculty required to complete word processing and/or Internet-related assignments for language/literature courses.


Boston College Cable Television


Access to the Boston College Cable Televison Network is provided in Media Carrel 2. BC Cable TV features 67 TV channels (7 reserved for BC programming), some of which regularly provide Spanish-language news and/or entertainment programming:

  • Channel 20.1  WUNI - Worcester Univisión    •  Channel 22.1  WNEU - New England Telemundo
  • Channel 24.1  WUTF - Univisión Telefutura