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What International Studies Alumni are doing after graduating

Photo of Katie Hubner

After graduation, Katie Hubner joined Americorps and became a Disaster Relief and Preparedness Specialist for the American Red Cross in Palo Alto, California. She spent almost a year assisting disaster relief victims, creating a youth leadership program, and teaching disaster preparedness classes. Katie responded to numerous local and national disasters as a shelter worker and case worker, and most recently drove an emergency response vehicle to New Orleans, where she supervised a mobile feeding unit in the days immediately following Hurricane Katrina.

During Katie's time as an Americorps worker, her local chapter of the Red Cross asked her to serve as chair of their fledgling International Services Committee. As chair, Katie wrote the committee's four year strategic plan, organized an International Humanitarian Law seminar at Stanford University that focused on the specific repercussions of war on women, and organizes the committee's monthly meetings.

Katie currently works for an online advertising agency and is applying to Master's programs in International and Development Economics though she continues to serve as chair of the International Services Committee and volunteer as a disaster relief worker in San Francisco.

Photo of Eoin Kashishian

Eoin Kashishian graduated with a B.A. in International Studies in 2003 with a focus on International Political Economy and Western Europe. After a summer internship in Madrid, Spain, he completed a Masters program in the History of International Relations at the London School of Economics. His degree focused on the history and the political institutions of the EU since its inception. Eoin is now working for Deutsche Bank in London as a credit risk analyst.

In his own words...
"While earning my master's degree I began searching for jobs in London. Like many other students, I was not at all sure what career path I wanted to take, but I had work experience through internships and part-time work-study at BC, all in very different areas. One of these internships was in an asset management firm in Boston, which sparked my interest in financial markets. I am now working in London as a credit risk analyst at Deutsche Bank. The idea that investment banks only recruit graduates from finance or business majors really is a myth; I don't have an educational background in either field. While my job is not directly related to my education, I find myself using many of the skills I learned from BC's IS program. Recently, I spent three months working at the bank's Singapore office, where I analyzed companies and industries in emerging markets. There I was able to put to good use the economic and political knowledge I gained during my education. It just goes to show that the IS program is not only an excellent preparation for further graduate study or a career in diplomacy and international affairs, but also provides a solid base which is useful in a variety of careers and industries."

Photo of Elizabeth Kidder

Elizabeth (Betsy) Kidder graduated from Boston College in 2001 having completed the pre-med program, the International Studies major, and the Global Proficiency Program. Capitalizing on her experiences abroad in sub-Saharan Africa, Betsy first worked in the field of international public health at Project Concern International and the Department of Defense HIV/AIDS Prevention Program, both in San Diego, CA. Betsy returned to Washington, DC where she completed her Masters in Public Health (MPH) with a concentration in global health policy at The George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services. She completed a seven-month practicum experience with Futures Group, an international organization specializing in public health and development interventions in over 100 countries, addressing issues such as HIV/AIDS, reproductive health, and maternal and child health. Betsy helped to research and write a “What Works” policy and program guide for developing country policy makers on evidence-based best practices in HIV/AIDS/STI prevention and postabortion care.