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Higgins Hall Repairs and Maintenance

higgins operations and business services

Work Order System

BC's Work Order (WO) system is used to request a large number of services through the Facilities Services Department. The Operations Manager at Higgins is responsible for initiating, expediting and tracking the WO's for the facility's infrastructure and utilities and also for the WO's pertaining to the operation of the Biology and Physics Departments within Higgins Hall. Contact Facilities Services (formerly Buildings and Grounds) for repair or maintenance services not within Higgins Hall.

Work Order Request Procedure

  1. Higgins Hall Repairs/Maintenance
    Notify Operations Manager by phone, e-mail or if an emergency by cell phone. Details needed:
    • Name
    • Higgins Location (Room #)
    • Phone #
    • Brief description of problem
    • Severity - estimation of effect on health, safety, research work or continuation of building services.
    The Operations Manager will contact the Work Order Center to request the services needed and will notify the requestor of the expected action and time of response.
  2. Equipment Installations
    The Operations Manager should be contacted as a new piece of equipment is considered for the Biology and Physics Departments to help in the planning and coordination of the services necessary for installation.
  3. Off-Hours Emergencies
    The Work Order Center (2-3048) should be contacted immediately. The number is linked to BC's Steam Plant, which is manned full-time at night and on weekends. They will coordinate the needed response to your call.