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Supply Purchasing

higgins operations and business services

Purchasing Guidelines

Purchasing forms for supplies should be obtained and submitted in Higgins Hall. Requisitions must be completed for all supply orders. 


Purchasing Forms

Purchase Requisitions

  • Should be completed for all orders
  • Three-part form
    • Retain the pink copy
    • Submit the white and yellow copy
    • The yellow copy is returned to the requisitioner after processing
  • Blank forms may be obtained in the Business Office, Higgins Hall

Radiation Authorization

  • Radioactive items on a requisition will need a signed and approved authorization
  • The form must first be approved and signed by the Environmental Health and Safety Office
  • The form must then be attached to the purchase requisition

Chemicals of Interest Request Form

  • Orders for chemicals on the Department of Homelands Security's Chemicals of Interest list cannot be processed unless this form is completed and approved by the Lab Safety Coordinator or Environmental Health and Safety Officer
  • The Steps to ordering are as follows:
    • Identify COI from list
    • Send form to EHS
    • EHS returns approved from
    • Turn in APPROVED form with Purchase Requisition
  • All orders containing COI requires the transporter to obtain a signature at delivery and must be sent to:

Sole Source Documentation

Submit to Purchasing Department if:

  • Individual items (goods or services) have a unit cost of $5,000 or more
  • Group of items from a single vendor with an order total of $5,000 or more

Must be received and considered by Purchasing prior to commitment of an order with a vendor

  • Along with Sole Source Documentation three competitive bids must be obtained from qualified vendors when available

Note: Items and orders of lessor values may also warrant competitive bidding depending upon existing market forces and time constraints