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Capital Purchasing Guidelines

higgins operations and business services

Purchasing forms for equipment should be obtained and submitted in Higgins Hall 335E.


The Purchasing Department is responsible for managing the bidding process for most of the externally supplied goods and services required by University departments.

  • It is important, therefore, that you communicate your plans for major purchases as early as possible so there will be reasonable time to accomplish the bidding procedure.
  • All equipment orders should be submitted to HOBS for processing through the Purchasing Department.
  • A price quote, or enough information to obtain a price quote, is required along with the forms.


Equipment Definition

Equipment is defined as having a unit cost of $5,000 or more and a useful life of greater than one year.


Sole Source Documentation

  • Sole source documentation must be submitted for all equipment orders.
  • Must be received and considered by Purchasing prior to commitment of an order with a vendor.
    • Along with Sole Source Documentation three competitive bids must be obtained from qualified vendors when available.
      Note: Items and orders of lessor values may also warrant competitive bidding depending upon existing market forces and time constraint.


Equipment purchased on Grants

Equipment to be purchased with sponsored projects funds should be pre-approved through the Office for Sponsored Programs. Purchase of general purpose equipment is allowable only if the equipment is primarily used to carry out project activities and the purchase has been approved by the sponsor Items purchased as equipment are not subject to Facilities and Administrative (Indirect) Costs. More information can be found at the Office for Sponsored Programs and their FAQs page.


Equipment Management

University policy guidelines require that all equipment is subject to property control. This includes the maintenance of property records, the tagging of equipment items and periodic physical inventory.