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Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium

higgins operations and business services

Purchasing through MHEC

Boston College is a member of the Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC). As a member we are able to merge our buying power with that of over 82 other colleges and universities in Massachusetts to obtain volume discounted pricing from over 500 vendors and contracts. To obtain more information on the MHEC or to view the contracts available visit the MHEC web site.

Direction to using the MHEC web site:

Go to MHEC home page

Scroll over left column "Contracts" and select "List of Contracts- with Vendors"

Select a letter at the top of the page corresponding to the type of good you are looking for:

A Appliance
B Educational Supplies
C Furniture
D Laboratory Supplies and Equipment
E Maintenance Contracts
F Office Equipment and Supplies
G Miscellaneous
H Miscellaneous
J Joint Contract with E&I

Within this category choose the contract type that contains the goods you are looking for, then contact the vendors associated with contact for information about discounted pricing.