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Grant Proposals and Awards

higgins operations and business services

The Grant Proposal and Award administrator is dedicated to the encouragement and support of faculty in identifying funding opportunities and  developing grant applications which will complement and strengthen the university mission. This includes:

  • Meeting with P.I. to discuss budget 
  • Working with subcontractor and/or consultants to obtain biosketches, budget, resources, etc.  
  • Providing completed budget to P.I. 
  • Preparing proposal transmittal form with P.I.
  • Preparing conflict of interest form 
  • Reviewing application for compliance with each agency’s regulations as well as compliance with federal and Boston College requirements 
  • Uploading all administrative documents if provided by P.I.  
  • Obtaining OSP’s signature on all necessary forms 
  • Delivering signed application to P.I. upon receipt of OSP’s signature 
  • Copying and mailing application

By acting as a liaison between the researcher and the Office of Sponsored Programs, the administrator can relieve the grantee of much of the administrative burden, and coordinate the compliance elements necessary to submit a successful application.