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Workstudy Funding via Financial Aid

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What is Workstudy?

The workstudy program is designed as a rebate program for students who are hired on external grant funding. PIs pay 100% of the student's salary and then are reimbursed 70% up to the maximum of the individual student's award. Funding provided by university accounts do not receive the rebate portion of the workstudy award. These funds are returned to the university, not an individual account.


How does it work?

Federal workstudy funding is awarded to students who demonstrate financial need. These funds are included as part of a financial aid package through Student Services. The academic and summer periods should be applied for separately.


Graduate students who are interested in applying for workstudy funding should be aware of the early deadlines. Check Student Services for the current deadline dates.

Undergraduates should request workstudy funding on their regular financial aid application.