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Time Submission

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Kronos Time Submissions

Boston College uses an on-line recording system that can be accessed via AGORA and AGORA PORTAL. Weekly hours should be recorded on the Kronos system available at Agora and Agora Portal. First time user may need to update their security preferences on the home agora page and install Java on their desktop. The computer must be located on-campus in order to record hours.

Directions to Accessing Kronos

  • Log on to Agora or Agora Portal.
  • If you are using Agora select the "Employee Time Reporting System" button from the menu.
  • If you are using Agora portal select the "My Services" tab. Under "Accounts and Personal Info" select "Employee Time Reporting."
  • If you have multiple jobs on campus you will be asked to select the job you are submitting hours for.
  • If you can not access the Kronos system you may need help installing Java.
  • Once you have logged in, go to My Timecard, under My Information.
  • On a daily basis you should record your "in" and "out" times during your work period
    • You may have multiple ins and outs during the day if you take a break for lunch or go to class and then come back.
    • For each "in", there needs to be an "out" or the system will not record any hours for that period.
  • Times should be recorded on a minute-to-minute basis and not by the hour, half hour or 15 minute intervals.
  • Additional directions can be found on the BC Human Resources website.

Time Submission and Payments

Hours should be submitted by Saturday to be paid on Friday of the following week. Paychecks are a week behind work hours. For example, if you worked Sunday, June 5 through Saturday, June 11, you will be paid on Friday, June 17.

If you remember to sign in on a daily basis (Agora is open seven days a week 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.) and happen to forget one day, at least you will receive a partial check.

If you forget to record hours please submit an e-mail to the HOBS Business Manager indicating the numbers of hours owed and the week.