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Viewing Paycheck Information

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Boston College does not distribute paper copies of paychecks. Instead, you can access your direct deposit information via AGORA or Agora Portal.

AGORA is available seven days a week between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. Once you have entered the system, choose the option, UVIEW-Your Personal Records. Under the All Employee Information section, check the appropriate box for the information you are interested in and click on the Submit Request button.

If you are using Agora Portal select the My Services tab. Under Human Resources click on the links to the information you are interested in.

Paycheck Information

  • Shows all information pertaining to your current paycheck (total earnings, deductions, taxes).
  • Select a check in the upper left corner to give you options to view previous monthly information. Eighteen months of information is retained.
  • Print a paycheck advice by clicking on the Printable Version button.


YTD Paycheck Information

  • Shows cumulative payroll data for current calendar year.


Payroll Status Job and Salary Information

  • Find out or change tax withholding status and exemptions.
  • Verify direct deposit routing information to your bank.



  • Indicates what benefits you have withheld and the cost.