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New Hires to Boston College

higgins operations and business services

Steps to Getting Paid

All personnel who will be working at Boston College for the first time need to complete and submit the following forms in order to begin getting paid. Submission location is determined by your classification. Once completed, they do not need to be done again for your duration at Boston College.

Please click on your employee status to forms and directions:

Enrolled Abilities

Once you are on the payroll system, you can obtain the following:

ID Card

Bring picture identification to Student Services in Lyons Hall. Once you have obtained your ID card, if you need access to Higgins doors via card reader, contact the Higgins Operations Manager. While you are at Student Services, also obtain your username.


To access your BC e-mail account, obtain your username from Student Services in Lyons Hall. To access AGORA, use the first eight digits of your BC ID number on your ID card. You can establish your password and PIN after you log in.


If you are eligible for parking privileges, go to Student Services in Lyons Hall with your vehicle registration.