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Purchase Requisitions   

Reimbursement Requests   


Q: I forgot to log in my hours. Can I still be paid for them?

A: Contact the Business Manager via e-mail indicating the week and # of hours you are owed. They will be submitted for you and paid on the next available payroll cycle. Taxes will be withheld at the university rate, not at the individual's.

Q: Employee Time Reporting doesn't appear on my AGORA or Agora Portal screen.What do I do?

A: If you just recently completed your I-9 paperwork, make sure you have informed the Business Manager so your hiring paperwork can be processed. Normal processing can take a couple of days.

Q: I have the Employee Time Reporting option, but I still can't log in my hours. Why?

A: The Kronos time reporting system requires that you are using a computer located on-campus and JAVA has been installed on it.

Q: If I don’t sign up for Direct Deposit, can I still get paid?

A: Direct deposit is one of the conditions of employment at Boston College. If your direct deposit is delayed several weeks from when you are first hired, you will be issued a paper check which will need to be picked up in HRSC, More Hall, rm 370.

Q: I didn't receive workstudy funding, even though I have in the past. Why not?

A: Workstudy funds are awarded on a need basis. Boston College receives a certain amount from the government which they distribute to qualified applicants. You may not have received funding due to the number of other eligible students or you may have exceeded the financial limits. 

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Purchase Requisitions FAQs

Q: What do I do if a company sends an invoice to me?

A: Please bring it to HOBS rm.335e so that we can pay the invoice.

Q: Is there an on-site copy shop?

A: Eagle Print Services is located in Campion Hall at 2-3418.

Q: How do I order BC business cards or Stationary?

A: Stationary items are available from the Dupli web site.  This web site gives BC pricing and provides an online proofing system for your order.  Please use your P-card or come to HOBS in rm.355e to ensure the use of a P-card the the placing of this order.

Q: When must an order be a bid?A: You must follow the directions for a capital purchase to bid if one item has a possible value of $5000 or more OR if the total line of items of the order is equal to or greater than $5000. 

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Reimbursement Requests FAQs

Q: How do I get a travel advance?

A: A travel advance is available to employees that do not have a current outstanding travel advance.  The advance is available for airfare and for meals and incidental expenses on a per diem bases. To get the advance you will need documentation showing travel dates, cost and the the expense has been incurred by the traveler.  This advance must be reconciled within 30 days when the traveler provides airline ticket receipts and boarding passes after the trip.

Q: How do I determine per diem for my trip?

A: Domestic per diem rates can be found here.Meals and incidental expense breakdowns can be found here.Foreign per diem rates can be found here.

Q: Do I have to use a U.S. carrier for foreign travel on my federal grant?

A: Federal regulations require that a U.S. carrier be used for as many legs of a trip as possible regardless of cost and personal preference.  It is also encouraged to use U.S. carriers for foreign travel not on a grant.

Q: Are Registration and Conference fees reimbursable?

A: Yes, registration and conference fees are reimbursable when they are related to a project.  The attendee must have documentation showing that they incurred the expense and an registration form or conference agenda must be submitted with the completed expense report.

Q: How do I get reimbursed for Foreign Currency conversions?

A: Foreign travel receipts must be accompanied by a credit card statement showing the conversation rate or, if paid in cash, a foreign exchange rate.  One can be found at Oanda

Q: I had to change my air ticket.  Can this fee be reimbursed?

A: Yes, this change fee can be reimbursed if the change is identified as a benefit to the project.  You must provide a memo from the PI supporting this claim.

Q: Can I be reimbursed for alcoholic beverages or entertainment expenses?

A: No, alcohol and entertainment expenses are not allowed on Sponsored Projects. This means alcohol related taxes and gratuities must be identified and deducted from all meal receipts. Included in this, mini bar purchases cannot be claimed.

Q: Are phone calls reimbursable on sponsored projects?

A: Phone call that are related to the project are reimbursable. 

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