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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Seminar Series

Spring 2017

Please join us throughout the semester to learn about a variety of topics in geology and environmental science.  Snacks and refreshment will be provided. All are welcome. 

  • 12pm, Tuesday, Feb. 21Ted Daeschler, Drexel University - “Great Steps in the History of Life: The Origin of Limbed Vertebrates” - Devlin 201
  • 12pm, Tuesday, Mar. 14 - Jennifer Wade, National Science Foundation Program Director - “From Rocky Cliffs to Capitol Hill: My Path in Science” - Devlin 201
  • 12pm, Tuesday, Mar. 28Andy Wickert, University of Minnesota - “How to Assemble a River That Spans a Continent: the Unusual History of the Mississippi” - Devlin 201
  • 12pm, Tuesday, Apr. 4Thorne Lay, UC Santa Cruz - “Use of Seismic, Geodetic and Tsunami Data to Improve Rupture Models for Large Earthquakes” - Devlin 201
  • 12pm, Tuesday, Apr. 11Cin-Ty Lee, Rice University - “Origin of Deep Continental Lithosphere and its Impact on the Evolution of Earth's Surface” - Devlin 201
  • 12pm, Tuesday, Apr. 18 - Alicia Cruz-Uribe, University of Maine - “Sweaty Plumes and Melty Plumes: The Fate of Mélange Material in Subduction Zones” - Devlin 201
  • 12pm, Tuesday, Apr. 25Seth Kruckenberg, Boston College - “Enhance! Zooming in on the Grain-Scale Record of Tectonic Deformation” - Devlin 201
  • 12pm, Tuesday, May 2Jennifer Francis, Rutgers University - “Crazy Weather and the Arctic Meltdown: How Are They Connected?” - Devlin 201
  • 12pm, Friday, May 12 - Edward Inglis, Durham University, England - “Iron Isotope Behaviour During Dehydration of Subducting Serpentinite: A Grain-Scale Approach” - Devlin 201


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