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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Academic Courses

east european studies

The Director can advise students concerning courses not on this list that may still satisfy the requirement.

FM 284 Eastern European Film

HS 149/PO407 Balkan Civilizations
HS 020 Eurasia in the World
HS 297 Women in Russian History and Culture
HS 454 Twentieth-Century Russia
HS 457 Stalin

PO 424 Reform, Revolution, and the Communist Collapse
PO 432 Postcommunist Transitions
PO 504 International Politics of Europe
PO 510 Globalization

SL 003-004 Elementary Russian
SL 035-036 Introduction to Bulgarian
SL 045-046 Continuing Bulgarian
SL 051-052 Intermediate Russian
SL 205/EN 303 Tolstoy and Dostoevsky
SL 222/EN 227 Classics of Russian Literature
SL 223/EN 228 Twentieth-Century Russian Literature
SL 231 Slavic Civilizations
SL 232/EN 229 Literature of the Other Europe
SL 249 Gender and War in Eastern Europe
SL 272 War and Peace in Yugoslavia
SL 274/FM 277 Russian Cinema
SL 280/SC 280 Society and National Identity in the Balkan
SL 283/CL 268/TH 383 The Christian East: Orientale Lumen
SL 284 Russian Civilization
SL 288 Literature and Revolution
SL 306/EN 250 Approaches to Russian Literature
SL 316 Old Church Slavonic
SL 322 The Structure of Modern Russian

TH 406 War and Peace in Eastern Christianity
TH 422 Introduction to Orthodox Theology
and others