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Morrissey College of Arts and Science

Student Comments

capstone program

"BC juniors, whether hurrying up with study-abroad applications or overtired from late nights at MAs, need a course like Capstone for the introspective opportunities it provokes. Few classes provide students with these experiences. BC seniors need the course in a different way. The pressures on seniors are tremendous. Because they are so sensitive and individual, seniors can't always express them productively. The support and encouragement I experienced with my own Capstone classmates was one I hadn't felt in a classroom since high school. Sister O'Keeffe makes for a very special, safe place. Class discussions are rich, open, and honest. I learned not to be so hard on myself, to open my mind to professional ideas I hadn't considered before, and to take risks in my personal life that I might not have otherwise. I valued my Capstone. I urge you to take one."
Janet G. (Voices of Wisdom)

"Taking Capstone as a junior was the best thing I ever did. It changed my approach to my courses and my relationships—but it made me glad to see the value in a lot of what I am already doing in my life. It was great to eavesdrop on seniors who are facing their farewells and helped prepare me for mine."
Larry C.

"Our Capstone really capitalized on the knowledge of students, in addition to Professor Spangler, and is one of the most comfortable learning environments I've been able to enjoy. Our professor was insightful, dynamic, and enthusiastic, open to lots of new ideas and very caring about students."
Ellen F. (Doing Well and Doing Good)

"It was valuable to discuss the importance of memory and the various types of memory. It will also be great to have a portfolio that I will be able to look back upon in the future. Professor Green was very flexible and brought in her own experience. She also invited us to her house, which led to a more comfortable class environment."
Brian L. (Ways of Knowing)

"Professor Weiss' Capstone showed me that a lot of other seniors feel the same things I do—fear, excitement, curiosity, uncertainty, hope. And Capstone gave us the chance to talk through them together—with a terrific teacher who cared enough to listen and kept in touch after the course. He takes the course seriously but he takes us even more seriously. He picked the readings that would help us. I finished BC feeling a lot more secure thanks to our Capstone experience. "
Will J. (One Life, Many Lives)

"Professor Halpern shared her own life journey with us. She's amazing for the way she combines science and spirituality. Both are essential and she helped us see the connections. She knows a lot and she cares a lot."
Chris K. (Spirituality, Science & Life)

"Professor Shore brought public policies down to a more personal level and made me realize things I'd never considered before. I loved it! Arnie was extremely personable. He kept our happiness and our education at the fore of everything and he was passionate about helping us to get something valuable out of this course, which I did most definitely."
Amy B. (Personal Choices & Public Policies)

"As a Political Science major this class about fairy tales and mythology gave me a chance to not only reflect but to think creatively in a way I have not been able to do for a while. Professor Rudner is hilarious, charismatic, and understanding of students' other commitments, leads class like it is a conversation among friends."
Two students (Into the Woods)

"Spirituality was a theme that I personally was uncomfortable discussing before I took this class but now I feel more comfortable getting in touch with. Professor Boylan is so diverse, loves what he teaches and has a passion of creating awesome relationships with everyone."
Dan G. (Decisions for Life)

"Professor Capalbo's course is good prep for life in corporate America. Excellent readings and assignments. I liked the teacher's advice. The guest speakers were very good. Professor Capalbo made no judgments on anybody and encouraged everyone to speak. He gave great advice."
Two students (Life and Career Planning)

"Professor Goldsmith makes you look at the bigger picture because sometimes it is easy to get used to just BC. He makes you think about society as a whole. Knowledgeable, pleasant, and easy going."
Student (Choice & Consequences: Technology)

"Father Farrell is number one! One of the best instructors I ever had. The guy is awesome, he even taught in Baghdad! We not only covered the works of great authors but used the material to reflect on our own lives. Fr. Farrell is an excellent guide in this pursuit and a great listener as well."
Four students (Five Heroic Americans)

"Capstone represents the best of a Boston College education, challenging students to contemplate carefully their identity and how they can utilize their gifts and talents to make a valuable contribution to the world. Seniors find great meaning in this Jesuit-like reflection as they end one journey and embark on a new one."
John M. (Voices of Wisdom)

"Professor Petersen made me finally feel proud to be from CSOM. He showed us that corporate life and the business world can be a way to be creative and even spiritual. I feel much better about my future job thanks to this wise and caring professor. He knows a lot about economics but he also knows a lot about life."
Greg T. (Business as a Calling)

"Professor Burns' Capstone is very helpful at this stage of my BC career, to evaluate my time here, the role BC has played in my life, and the various factors here that have influenced me. He is funny, knowledgeable about BC, and wants us to really think about our time here."
Anonymous (Boston's College, Your Life)

"I never thought I'd see a connection between my own growth and the evolution of the whole earth but Father Skehan has perfected a way to get us to see ourselves as part of a bigger picture. The major assignment got me to think of my life in ways my major never did. I finally felt I was working on what really mattered because he taught us that we do matter. I'll never forget this Capstone."
Kerry P. (Personal Growth and Spiritual Aerobics)