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Morrissey College of Arts and Science

Bonnie Rudner

capstone program

Bonnie Rudner and George

Faculty, English

Stokes  371S
Telephone: 617-552-0133

Bonnie Rudner is a member of the English department where she specializes in teaching fairy tales and myths, both old and new versions. She believes deeply in the poetic justice in the tales, and teaches them partly as a reminder to us all that justice is attainable. In addition, she teaches myths and fairy tales because they are both the original form of entertainment and wonderfully enjoyable. She believes in applying a wide range of critical approaches including jungian, feminist, eco-feminist, freudian, and anything that helps students explore the wonder of the art form.

A native of New Jersey, she is a devoted follower of Bruce Springsteen.

Capstone Course

UNCP 5541 Capstone: Into the Woods

Other Courses

Disney and the Wondertale
The American Dream
The Heroic Life Pattern
Literature and Society: Rule Breakers
Creative Non-fiction
The Elusive Fairy Tale