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Morrissey College of Arts and Science

Audrey Friedman

capstone program

Audrey Friedman

Associate Professor,
Lynch School of Education

Campion Hall, Room 118
Telephone: 617-552-1901

 "I have always considered becoming a teacher a marvelous twist of fate!"

Audrey Friedman is an Associate Professor of Teacher Education in the Lynch School of Education. She began her teaching career as an urban public high school science and literature teacher in the early 1970s at the Parkway Program, the "first school without walls" in Philadelphia, PA. Parkway was called "the last-chance high school," especially for students "who could not make it in the traditional setting or who were marginal because of class, race, or ability." Parkway, although public, lived the Jesuit mission.

Forty years later, Audrey and colleagues prepare undergraduate and graduate students to become teachers and to use the privilege of an extraordinary education to enhance the life chances of others. Audrey collaborates with faculty and staff in Boston Public Schools and teaches an undergraduate curriculum course onsite at Brighton High School. Linked to the first pre-practicum, this venue provides a unique cohort experience that integrates theory and practice in a real and effective way. Audrey's research focuses on adult moral–cognitive decision making, especially in the context of classroom practice.

Audrey loves cooking, gardening, and playing with her grandchildren. And she loves Star Wars and science fiction.

Capstone Course

UNCP 5556, ED 288: Science for Social Justice

Other Courses Taught

EDUC 6302: Secondary and Middle School English Methods
EDUC 3323: Reading and Special Needs Instruction for Secondary and Middle School Students
ED 472, ENGL 7717: Theory and Pedagogy in the English Language Arts Classroom