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Asian American Studies

college of arts and sciences

The American Studies program offers a special concentration in Asian American Studies. This concentration requires minors to take the American Studies senior seminar plus five other courses that specifically address Asian American concerns or topics. The special concentration enables exploration of the history, culture, and contemporary realities of a fast-growing but still largely invisible racial minority in the United States. Students learn about the extensive critical works that surround out understanding of this fast-growing, complex, and important population, gain opportunities to work with faculty whose research is focused on this topic from varied perspectives, and participate in thinking about how knowledge is connected to social justice issues that include and go beyond issues related to this group. Every special concentrator is required to engage a thoroughly interdisciplinary curriculum that draws on the traditional disciplines of history, sociology, English, and psychology.

To develop an individualized program of study, e-mail the Asian American Studies program director Professor Min Hyoung Song.

Sample Program:

  • Senior Seminar in American Studies
  • EN 246 Introduction to Asian American Literature
  • PS 354 Culture, Identity, and Asian American Experience
  • Three additional courses:
    • One course in Asian Studies
    • Two courses in Asian American Studies